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Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) courses are designed to take you from little to no flying experience to fully qualified airline pilot in 24 months. On successful completion of the course, you will graduate with a frozen ATPL issued by the UK CAA or EASA The Integrated ATPL is the fastest way of obtaining the license, which allows you to apply and work for an airline. Without any previous experience required, you will be able to apply for the First-Officer pilot position, which is the Co-pilot and right seat position on the airplane cockpit Integrated ATPL Course. Key Characteristics: Airline Focused training from day 1. Multi engine training completed in both the USA and UK. All flight training included within the cost. First time flight test fees included. Enjoy course start flexibility with 6 intakes each year

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CAE's Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) programmes take students with little or no previous flying experience and prepares them for a career at an airline right after graduation. Course Outline. Phase 1: Theoretical Knowledge Training. Learn everything about ATPL related theory in 14 subjects Fastest ATPL Integrated Programme 14 months. For highly motivated students with a preexisting foundation in mathematics and physics, this accelerated programme features simultaneous theoretical and flight training, enabling you to complete the ATPL Programme in the shortest span of time possible in Europe

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Integrated ATPL course is designed to prepare you for First-Officer holding a Frozen ATPL Licence The course will be 15 months, following the same timeline as the Integrated ATPL Program but adding one additional month of training. The Oman Program has a one month extention for students to have time to retrieve an extra 20 hours of fly time on an SE-VFR in order to comply with their requirements. Minimum requirements are to have 200 Total. ATPL (A): The holder would earn a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Multi IFR in 205 hours. This course includes a multi crew course, and to write the Airline Transport Exams. Why would I do this program? Some foreign airlines require the integrated course. You prefer a very structured course with a group of students

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All-Inclusive EASA Integrated ATPL Course. For just € 69,300, FlyBy's All-Inclusive 14 month ab initio Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) programme takes students with little or no previous flying experience and prepares them for a career at an airline anywhere in the world, starting as First Officer right after graduation During the Integrated EASA ATPL(A), you will become a Commercial Pilot in 14 months of intensive preparation, from no flight experience to holding an EASA Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License with ATPL frozen, including Multi Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course ATPL (A) INTEGRATED COURSE. This is an ab-initio integrated course commenced with no previous flight experience. The purpose of the integrated course for Airline Transport Pilots ATP (A) consists of the training of pilots up to a level of competence to enable them to act as copilot in multi-engine and multi pilot aircraft for airline commercial. The integrated program is the choice for those who want an immediate professional pilot career. This is a complete course to obtain a frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Once the required flight experience levels are obtained graduates may apply to Transport Canada for the full ATPL licence The Integrated ATPL program is to prepare students without previous flight experience for an airline career track in an accelerated manner (18 months). The program includes the ground, flight and simulator training required to obtain a Commercial Licence and Group 1 Instrument Rating, as well as satisfy the knowledge requirements for the.

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  1. ATPL integrated. The integrated course (no prior knowledge) is designed for future commercial pilots. If you want to become an airline, cargo or business pilot but do not yet have a pilot's licence, this is the course for you. The course can be done in parttime or fulltime. In full-time mode the course takes around 18-24 months
  2. The Integrated ATPL course consists of a theoretical ground school instruction of 815h, 215h of flight, tests at the IFA and 13 exams at ANAC. With a duration of approximately 20-24 months, the course is aimed at those who do not have any pilot's license and wish to pursue a career in commercial aviation
  3. The integrated training course is a full time course from zero hour experience through to obtaining a frozen EASA ATPL (fATPL) including English Language Proficiency (ICAO) and MCC or MCC and APS certificate. When you choose to enroll for an integrated course you've decided to become a professional pilot attending a full time course.

After obtaining the Integrated ATPL (Frozen) Commercial Pilot Licence, we offer you the opportunity to accumulate hours of experience as a flight instructor at Select Aviation College. Please note that a minimum of 1,500 flight hours is required to activate the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) The Integrated ATPL is an intensive ATPL training developed by our school, in which we include the essentials to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) and Airline Transport (ATPL frozen). With 1000 hours of theory, 250 hours of real and simulator flight, SEP, MEP, IR, PBN, NVFR ratings, UPRT course, APS MCC course, ICAO English and even. Cut the cost of an Integrated ATPL pilot training course - by half Students at FTA Global's HQ at Brighton City Airport. The number of people choosing to enter into pilot training is at a five-year low and you can understand why - the perception that pilot training 'needs to cost' £120,000 is eye-watering, but most importantly, not true Key Features. • One and only program in India to offer Integrated ATPL. • Commercial Pilot License with single-engine & multi-engine Instrument Rating. • Experience Glass Cockpit Flying on Garmin 1000. • Flight Instructor rating. • 2000 hrs of flying in a duration of 3 years. • Opportunity to enroll for a graduation course (BBA/ B. Fee: € 59,000. ATP Integrated. Program Description. The ATP Integrated is an ab-initio course addressed to all future pilots who wish to obtain a CPL (Commercial Pilot License) with the ME (Multi-engine) and IR (Instrument) ratings, and with the theoretical knowledge required towards an ATP License (ATPL theory credit)

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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Integrated Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL) Course The L3Harris Airline Academy ATPL program is well proven and established within multiple regulatory environments. The program is designed to provide cadets the optimum use of aircraft and training systems to derive maximum training value while preparing them for a commercial aviation career Start your training whenever is convenient for you, guarantee a seat in our upcoming batch, and register with Flyence Aviation Academy. Enroll now by making a €500 downpayment of the total course fee, and let us welcome you to our aviation family! ATPL Integrated quantity. Enroll Now. SKU: C0002 Category: All Integrated ATPL is also referred to as the 0 to ATPL course. This course grants its holder the highest level of pilot certification, by following a structured single course divided into carefully planned training stages, designed to take you from no previous experience in aviation all the way to the ATPL licence in one go Our CAAV approved integrated ATPL (A) course is composed of 750 hours of theory training with 14 subjects. After the completion of the course, students will obtain the CAAV approval ATPL certificate

The Integrated ATPL in CAE Oslo is approved by NOKUT and students can apply for student loans and grants through Lånekassen (the Loan Fund). To receive support from the Lånekassen for higher education, you must either have general study qualifications or admission based on real competence The Integrated ATPL program is designed to give you the best preparation for pursuing a career in professional flying. The Program is intense and is designed for you to complete your training in 18-20 months. Why not consider the Integrated ATPL Program as a post-graduate option. In more detail, key elements in the IATPL Program comprise 0 to ATPL(A) Integrated course The aim of this course: The aim of the course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot, multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air transport and to obtain the EASA CPL(A)/ME/IR with ATPL(A) theory credit License All exams - ICAO ENG, IR ENG, RT, CPL/MEP IR skill test, ATPL exams are included in price. Pilot insurance for 18 months included. Supervision of the Training by ATO and Responsible Instructor. Training planned to be finished exactly within 18 months. ZVOLTE ATPL PROGRAM: INTEGRATED ATP (A) 18 MONTHS

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Future of integrated ATPL courses. For some time, the cost of an integrated ATPL course has been seen as worthwhile and 'good' investment for many. Now that pilot salaries are vastly reduced for the foreseeable future are we going to see the cost of integrated courses reducing aswell? Once you could buy a license for £100 000 to make £100 000. Integrated ATPL Сourse with MCC Integrated ATPL with MCC, PBN and UPRT Course Overview The EASA Integrated ATPL course is designed for students from zero flying experience up to a frozen ATPL in approximately18 months, by finishing this program you&nb... learn more Modular ATPL Course Modular ATPL Course Overview Modular ATPL Course is designed to take the new Pilot from 0 flying experience.

The ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) is a licence that allows you to become an airline pilot on any type of commercial aircraft. The training program lasts for over a period of 20 months. The Integrated ATPL allows trainees to get their theoretical licence and then take the practical part directly on our premises EASA Integrated ATPL Course, EASA Integrated ATPL Course, EASA Integrated ATPL Course: 18 Months : €86,000.00 : Ireland : Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) EASA Integrated ATPL Course, EASA Integrated ATPL Course, EASA Integrated ATPL Course: 18 Months : €79,000.00 : Irelan

ATPL(A) Integrated Training Course; ATPL(A) INTEGRATED TRAINING . ATPL (A) Integrated Training is an integrated training program to train airline-ready pilots from scratch. All theoretical and flight trainings in the training program are designed to complement each other and prevent duplication. Therefore, time is effectively used in the. The Integrated ATPL course is divided in 5 phases of training: Phase 1 - Developing basic flight skills. Phase 2 - Initiation to complex flying. Phase 3 - Introduction to Commercial flying. Phase 4 - Advanced flight skills. Phase 5 - Advanced UPRT. Phase 6 - Multi Crew Cooperation & Jet Orientation Course. At the end of the program. Learn about the most complete EASA ATPL Integrated training course, enabling you to:. Become a commercial airline pilot in 14 months.; Make the most out the Most Innovative Training Programme.; Perfect your technique thanks to our APS MCC including Full Flight Simulator practice and Gliding Training; Keep your budget and your investmest under control with an All-Inclusive pricing approach Course Details. Flying Academy has finally been approved to offer our students an opportunity to enroll in an exclusive EASA Integrated ATPL program, provided under Austro Control, in Miami, Florida. Once you enroll in the program, you will start by joining online ground training in our virtual classrooms with the aid of our newly innovated.

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National Fight Centre's Integrated ATPL course is one continuous course of intensive training where students can earn ATPL (frozen) in 18 months. Graduates will enjoy the benefit of being trained and ready for employment within the shortest timeframe possible. The integrated course is ideal for those seeking to fully immerse i ICAO/EASA/FAA Integrated ATPL Course The integrated route involves a full-time course of study, generally lasting around 14-18 months. This takes a student from a complete beginner to a position where they are ready to take up a role as a pilot ready to work for the airlines An applicant for ATPL(A)Integrated Training Course shall be at least 18 years of age. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants for ATPL(A) Integrated Training course shall hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent, as a minimum requirement Our Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License course is a 24 months full time Diploma in Aviation Studies program leading to the issue of a QCAA Commercial Pilot's License (CPL) with multi-engine instrument rating (IR) and Airline Transport Pilot's License (ATPL) Theory credits

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The cost of NFC Integrated ATPL Course is €82,000 paid in installments. All Courses are limited to only 12 students per course. All training completed in just 18 months in Dublin, Ireland. Included in the cost is: ALL Flight Instruction (220 Hours of Flight and Simulator Training The aim of the course is to obtain a CPL (A) and an IR (A), including multi-crew cooperation (MCC) course to enable the pilot to operate as a co-pilot on multi pilot commercial operations, subject to holding a multi-pilot type rating. Your theoretical knowledge and exams will be of the level required for issue of an ATPL (A) once you have.

Integrated ATPL (A) Course During the Integrated EASA ATPL(A), you will become a Commercial Pilot in 14 months of intensive preparation, from no flight experience to holding an EASA Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License with ATPL frozen, including Multi-Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course ATPL (A) ab-initio training. The ATPL (A) ab-initio course (also called integrated training) is designed for students starting from scratch with a clear objective of becoming airline pilots. At the end of the course you are ready to be employed as an airline pilot. Unlike modular, the Ab-initio integrated training is done as a single training. Flying Academy. Integrated ATPL(A) During the Integrated ATPL(A), you will become a Commercial Pilot in 14 months, from no flight experience to holding an EASA ATPL Frozen license, including MCC and JOC courses Our ATPL webinars form part of the BGS approved course, they are online lessons taught by BGS instructors covering specific topics within ATPL subjects. We offer both fixed-wing (A) and helicopter (H) webinars. We aim to run 4-5 live webinars each week, most are around 90 minutes long. They are interactive, meaning you can ask questions as you go along You complete several progress tests during your flight training, followed by an MCC course, after which you obtain your license, commonly referred to as frozen ATPL. Total flying time in an Integrated program is 200 hours

L3Harris has an offer worth considering: €78,000 for the EASA Integrated ATPL course, including free accommodation during ground school and what the flight school calls its 'L3Harris Pilot Ready Promise'. The training will be at L3Harris' European Airline Academy in Ponte de Sor, Portugal, and graduates will end up with an EASA ATPL. NEWS, EVENTS AND UPDATES. EASA/CAA licence option for all 2021 Integrated (FDP) students. posted at 7/5/21 11:04 AM. All those that enrol on our 2021 Flight Deck Programme will have the... Perfect post-PPL solution available for Summer 2021 start. posted at 6/25/21 11:56 AM. Earlier this year we launched the perfect training package for..

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  1. The theoretical part of ATPL Integrated training course is held at BAA Training Aviation Academy headquarters in Vilnius (Lithuania), the training academy facilities of over 3500 m2. More than half of that is dedicated to Ab Initio ground training, where students not only spend their time studying but also can relax or entertain themselves.
  2. ATPL Integrated course. Submitted by Verified User on Mon, 14/12/2020 - 23:38. This Review Overall Rating. 4.1. 4.11. I spent 20 months in Jerez studying at FTE. The theory section was well taught and split into 2 phases. The flying phases were well organised with good aircraft and tuition. There was sometimes aircraft unavailability but the.
  3. ation fees for 1 attempt. No hidden costs! Find out more See our courses
  4. On successful completion of the ATPL Theoretical Exams and hour building you will commence your Commercial Pilots Licence training course. You will have accrued a wealth of experience with NFC during your hour-building stage and should have little problem completing this 25 hour course and passing the associated flight test
  5. Pre-requisites for ATPL Courses You need to have completed a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) before starting commercial pilot training or have equivalent military experience. A PPL is not a regulatory requirement for starting ATPL ground school, but this level of flying knowledge and experience is a sensible starting point and so required by Pathway
  6. imizes the training time and therefore its cost to students as a result of the connection between its constituent parts. The integrated ATPL course lasts at least 18 months, the maximum duration is limited to 36 months from the beginning

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EASA fATPL Integrated Course. Our EASA fATPL Integrated Course is designed to take you from no aviation experience (ab initio) to a qualified commercial pilot with a 'frozen' Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). On graduation, you will be ready to begin your new career. We offer EASA accredited pilot training at our purpose-built academy. Integrated ATPL course . The traditional route to becoming a commercial pilot. This full-time course, with loads of hands-on flying time, takes up to 18 months to complete. Modular ATPL course . If you're unable to study full time, this course breaks down the integrated programme into smaller modules you finish at your own pace.. The length of your airline pilot training will vary depending on the course you select. Typically, Integrated ATPL courses take anywhere between 18 and 24 months to complete. Modular ATPL courses on the other hand offer greater flexibility and cadets have the three years to complete training once they have passed their theoretical knowledge exams What is ATPL Integrated? ATPL Integrated is a pilot training program, a part of Ab Initio school (which stands for from the beginning) that gets you prepared for flying commercially. Those who have zero or little aviation experience can apply for training and finish it in about 24 months

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  1. AEROCADET - Professional fight training for International, students in the United States with guaranteed commercial and airline pilot internship and employment placement. From Zero to Airline Transport Pilot License in less then 2 years. Wide range of paid pilot internship options in the United States. High quality fligt training, fast-track to CPL, CFI and ATPL
  2. The aim of course: Ionian Aviation Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) Integrated programmes take students with little or no previous flying experience to a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) level with a 'frozen ATPL' and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME/IR) in approximately 16 months and have been designed in conjunction with leading airlines
  3. g a professional pilot. It is designed to train pilots with little or no experience up to a standard that enables then to carry out commercial air transport
  4. This Course is unique to 43 Air School and the most cost-effective and efficient way for a student wanting to become an Airline Pilot. 43 iATPL delivers a unique qualification with a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rated (ME+IR) Licence including the Airline Transport Licence Theory Credits

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  1. imum requirement for getting a job as a pilot in many airlines is very demanding, averaging 1500 Flight Hours. Therefore, most inexperienced pilots.
  2. atpl integrated course ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot licence - Licenza di Pilota di Linea La Licenza di Pilota di Linea ( ATPL , Airline Transport Pilot licence ) abilita a pilotare un velivolo per lavoro aereo e trasporto passeggeri a scopo remunerativo
  3. Integrated ATPL is also referred to as the 0 to ATPL course. This course grants its holder the highest level of pilot certification, by following a structured single course divided into carefully planned training stages, designed to take you from no previous experience in aviation all the way to the ATPL licence in one go. Gulf Air Academy's Integrated ATPL Course is (EASA) approved.
  4. EASA ATPL Integrated Pilot Training Program Skies Airline our Associate Partner for Pilot Training Course is a Swedish flight crew training organisation headquartered at Stockholm Skavsta International Airport (ESKN) operating under EASA approval SE-ATO-0002, SE-CCTO-0003 and FSTD operator approval SE-319, SE-320, SE-321
  5. CAE | OAA : Integrated ATPL Pilot Training Program. APP FIRST OFFICER. Our flagship course takes students with little or no previous flying experience to a 'frozen ATPL' in approximately 16 months, from where they are then eligible to work as a First Officer with an airline once specific aircraft type training has been completed
  6. The definite Integrated Course for the aspiring Airline Pilot. The Airline First Officer Programme. On completion of the AFOP you will obtain the highest level of aircraft pilot certification: an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). In addition to the official syllabus, the AFOP equips you with additional airline training modules such as.
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FTA's Integrated Flight Deck Programmes start at £63,950. After the initial payment of £14,000 you make 12 payments of £4,163. If this is still a stretch, you can chose to complete your training in phases. FTA offers modular flight training and a competitive rate for completing your MEP, ME IR and ME CPL. The three-course package costs £. Company. SFA-Africa was created in 2007 in partnership with the Sabena Flight Academy flying school of Brussels (SFA); we share the organization, the pedagogical methods and mainly, the theoretical and practical programs for the integrated ATPL course Integrated ATPL (A) Integrated ATPL (A), like the name suggests it is a non-stop course. The student needs to go to classes every day with a tight schedule, with no breaks or any flexibility. It is like high school. The student starts from zero, it is called ab initio, and only stops when he/she has is ATPL (A) Frozen license completed ATPL Integrated. Commercial Pilot Training course - CPL/ME/IR + MCC on license (ATPL Frozen) This is a Commercial Pilot Integrated Training course (ATPL Integrated) designed for student pilots with zero flying experience Just like the CPL, Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) is one of the roads leading towards the pilot job. One of the ways to professionally get into the industry and begin building a career of an airline pilot. Just like the CPL course, ATPL can be joined by both experienced and inexperienced aviation enthusiasts. Structure and.

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ATPL (A) Integrated course. Become profesional pilot with NO experience by ATPL (A) Integrated way! Zero to ATPL (A) Modular course. Become profesional pilot using a Modular course and start fly from Zero to ATPL(A)! Private Pilot License (PPL) course. Live your dream by becoming a Private Pilot! CPL(A) / ME / IR course Prerequisite for atpl theory for the modular route is holding an ICAO ppl. The theory exams can only be taken before any flight training(ie not holding a ppl) as part of an integrated course. If you already hold a ppl no issue. But I am not sure how it works if you dont hold a ppl. It would seem extreme for the exams not to have cross credit The Skyborne EASA Integrated ATPL course is designed to guide you along your path to becoming a fully-qualified airline pilot. Upon graduating, you will be ready to embark on your career. This course will be available later in the year, as it is currently in the UKCAA approval process. • World-class learning environment

ATPL Integrated. In full compliance with the Part FCL requirements the aim of the course is to train pilots to the level that they will be certified to operate as pilots in multi engine - multi pilot airliners. Instructors are active Airline Captains, in state of art training devices such as the Elite FNPT II MCC, a fleet of Diamond aircraft DA. The Integrated ATPL (A) course is intended for pilots who want to be trained full-time for the airlines, but also want to be competitive on the job market. During the Integrated ATPL (A), you will become a Commercial Pilot in 14 months of intensive preparation, from no flight experience to holding an EASA Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating. Intensive. Inclusive. Inspired. Prepare for takeoff with the fast-track Leading Edge Airline Preparation course; LEAP. LEAP is a full-time, integrated pilot training programme, designed to deliver the most comprehensive airline pilot career preparation possible

Duel: ATPL integrated vs Modular 2012-05-18 . Everyone who is interested in aviation and seeks to pursue a career as a pilot working for airlines knows that the best way to make the dream come true is to choose the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) course The Integrated Course This route enables you to complete the course full-time, from zero experience of flying to gaining your fATPL. The course provider will start you off with the single-engine piston flying, possibly abroad, before hours building, ATPL theory exams, the CPL MEIR flying course and finally the MCC course Here is some input for you, maybe my response is not directly related to the question. I would expect that most flight schools around the world to be at a similar level of difficulty. They are all teaching basically the same subject. If you are tr.. Airbus Flight Academy Europe delivers the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme in Angoulême-France as part of the Airbus Training network. Developed in cooperation with ENAC, the Airbus programme provides an integrated Airline Training Pilot (ATPi) in harmonious curriculum from day one to the end of the course Skip to content. HOTLINE +1 (305) 255-8753. LOCATIONS. Vienna, Austria; Miami, Florida; Corona, Los Angele

The aim of the ATP(A) integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot, multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transportation and to obtain the CPL (A) with ATPL Theory Credit, MEP(LAND) and IR/SP/ME Book Your Demo Flight. Get ready to experience the adrenaline rushing through your body as you prepare to take off! A flight lasting enough in the pilot-in-command seat to keep your hands over the controls. That is how you will determine if this is the career for you, knowing that we stand by your side for assistance The typical criteria to be eligible to apply to an integrated flight training program within Europe is as follows: Be 17 years old or greater. Hold a valid Class One medical. Be fluent in English language (written and spoken) Have a secondary school education or greater with 5 grades A-C. Have the right to live and work in the EU Of course, it is conditional on the graduate's passing the airline employment interview. (Aerocadet will provide comprehensive administrative support for this stage of the program) We are confident, that in view of growing pilot deficit in the World, and a unique and robust nature of our ATPL program, Students will be able to obtain airline. The integrated method consolidates the process and provides more focus throughout the training taking pilots straight to a professional license without having to obtain a PPL(H) first. It is a full time continuous course of training designed to immerse the student from day one, and is therefore not suitable for those wishing to learn to fly on.

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There only a few flight schools existing in Germany where you can get an ATPL license. It's a bit long ago when I was better informed about that and probably there might be many changes in-between these years. The only thing that I can mention is. This will complete your frozen ATPL ready for a job as a commercial pilot. We will save you many thousands of £/Euros to complete your licence training when compared to the integrated factory courses run by the big schools, but you will still be equally well trained and qualified to exactly the same European standard Scholarships for the ATPL (A) Integrated Course. The EASA approved flight training organization FAS Pilot Academy provides for pilot training starting from 3.000€ up to 35.000€ for the academic year 2021-22 to 24 candidates in order to cover part of the tuition fees of the Air Transport Pilot License - ATPL (A) Integrated Course The theoretical knowledge instruction shall be completed before the skill test for the ATPL(A) is taken. CPL/IR integrated course - Aeroplanes. GENERAL. The aim of the CPL(A) and IR(A) integrated course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to operate single-pilot single-engine or multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air.

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Course Details Flying Academy has now been approved to offer our students the opportunity to complete the highly exclusive EASA ATPL Integrated Program under Austro Control in sunny Miami, Florida- USA The Integrated CPL(H) (with ATPL(H)/IR theory) is a 12 month, full-time programme delivered on-site* Monday to Friday, for students wishing to obtain their commercial pilot licence (helicopter) on an intensive basis. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to obtain a CPL(H) in the UK. No experience is necessary to apply and you trai There are of course a number of excellent flying schools in the UK and abroad that can provide modular and/or integrated ATPL training. But you need to ensure that you have fully understood the options open to you, and that you have visited at least some of the schools, so that you can gain a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of.

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