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  2. A warning to prospective customers: taxidermy is a demanding practice. It is an art. All of our reproductions are unique. You MUST ask questions. Are the fins thick, or thin and natural like a real fish? Is there a mouth mold, or does the taxidermist carve one into the fish? Is the fish finished on the backside or not? Are the seams finished
  3. Fish Mounts and Fish Replicas Made in America - New Wave Taxidermy. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Flickr. Youtube. 3101 SE Slater St Stuart, FL 34997 772-283-7270 info@newwavetaxidermy.com Proudly Made in the United States of America. Home. About Us
  4. Coast to Coast Fish Mounts is now offering a full line of fiberglass fish blank replicas available to the taxidermist, hobbyist, and do it yourselfer.. Over the past 38 years we have compiled one of the largest, most comprehensive selections of fiberglass fish replica molds in the industry
  5. We continue to travel the world to create our one of a kind fish molds which are a vital part in order to build a museum quality fish mount. Click here to read more about the benefits of choosing a custom fishmount from Gray Taxaidermy. Gray Taxidermy is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
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The fish molding process is by far one of the most important steps in the making of a trophy fish mount. At Gray Taxidermy we build our molds from real fish. We have literally travelled the world to make these molds which are a vital part in order to handcraft any fish mount possible Our business ethics are first class. Send us your bass, muskie, trout or salmon dimensions. If the fish taxidermy is not shipped by agreed date, then we'll pay you $5 per day. Over 140 Species have been personally painted for museums, nature centers, governments, schools and sportsmen within 5 years McKenzie offers fish forms by well known experts in the field. Add realism to your fish mount with our premium quality fish glass eyes.. The McKenzie Fish Rock Panels and Pre-Finished Habitat Bases offer a dramatic option for displaying fish mounts.. McKenzie offers a variety of how to instructions for mounting fish mannikins, airbrushing and using fish reproductions

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These mounts are made in true replica form because the molds are actually made from real fish. Each fish is custom-painted (backed by over 35 years experience) which is important since each fish will vary in color depending on the area where they are caught. A replica mount is also extremely durable and will not fade or become brittle 3101 SE Slater St Stuart, FL 34997 772-283-7270 info@newwavetaxidermy.com Proudly Made in the United States of America. New Wave Fish Mounts. Welcome To Our Showroom. At New Wave Taxidermy we feel that the quality of our work separates our fish mounts from the competition. The detail in the fish provides the uniqueness that brings each mount to. Matuska's has the most complete and versatile line of liquid mold rubber (polyurethane and silicone), casting resins and other specialty molding and casting compounds. Quick Shop. Alginate $18.95. Alginate. $18.95. Easy to use, inexpensive, one time use mold making material. Used for making reference casts such as noses, eyes, fish heads, bird.

Our fish mounts in many cases have better details and more lifelike anatomy than skin mounts, because everyone of our fish are made from molds cast from fresh intact fish. High quality mounts, help make high quality fish replicas more realistic. With a few simple measurements (length and girth) from your fish we can match the size of your fish. Taxidermy. State of the art techniques in specimen creation involve the use of innovative silicone and urethane rubbers, plastics, foams, and pigments to create reproductions of fish, reptiles, waterfowl and game. Our wide variety of mold making and casting materials is well known to taxidermists nationwide

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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Advanced Taxidermy has been creating high quality fish reproductions for over 25 years. A long standing commitment to production of industry leading fish replicas for fisherman around the world has given Advanced Taxidermy Studios the signification distinction as the global expert in the production of high quality fish mounts

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We cover every aspect of taxidermy. We promote catch & release and specialize in fiberglass reproductions. We stock thousands of molds of many species and sizes. All of our molds were cast off of actual fish to capture every detail. All of our fish mounts look as if they just came out of the water All fish replicas are cast from actual fish. Most are cast from molds made using freshly caught specimens, some are cast from molds of previously mounted fish. The replica blank is then made from some form of resin gel coat with fiber layers added for strength Anglers Artistry : FISH REPRODUCTION BLANKS - COMPRESSORS and AIRBRUSH KITS Collectors Shop Unique Items Gift Cards FISH PHOTO REFERENCE LIBRARY INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS/THUMBS TAXIDERMY SUPPLIES & GOODS Workshops MOLDING and CASTING SUPPLIES FISH REPRODUCTION BLANKS Streaming Video Library taxidermy, fish taxidermy, Rick Krane, how to mount a fish, fish mounts, taxidermy supply, taxidermy. Fittante Taxidermy Joe Fittante N4598 Hwy. 45 Antigo, WI 54409 715-627-7662 E-mail: joefittante@gmail.co Sometimes the taxidermists don't even have to mold your fish. If you caught a swordfish that was 6 feet, 3 inches long and weighed in at 83 pounds, Gray already has a master mold of one

Neptune's Treasures is a company based on the southside of Brisbane with over 45 years experience in marine art reproductions and taxidermy. We specialise in re-creating many different types of marine and freshwater species of fish and crustaceans which are found in Australian waters and all over the world We carry the highest quality manufacturers of all taxidermy supplies, and we offer superior customer service. Browse our online store, and check back often for specials, hot deals, the newest additions to our taxidermy supplies, and great videos for taxidermy. Also sign up for our newsletter to find out about the latest in taxidermy supplies Taxidermy is a valuable and celebrated process for the commemoration and preservation of animals great and small, no matter the situation. This has seen us carry out everything from the creation of fish replicas and fish molds, to skin preservation and full skin repair. 5 stars to the guys at Evansville Taxidermy Studio for helping. Bruch's Fish Taxidermy. 679 likes · 2 talking about this. Best in World Taxidermy Champion that offers every type of fish taxidermy from skin mounts with real fins to complete reproductions..

All Atlantic Taxidermy's fish mounts are hand made by a skilled taxidermist to ensure top quality long lasting fish mounts. Atlantic Taxidermy supports catch and release, and conservation of our fisheries. With hundreds of molds to choose from Fish mounts are an excellent way of commemorating a great catch, and showing off to the world the achievement that you accomplished. Of course, some people do prefer fish replicas as an alternative - at Evansville Taxidermy Studio, we're more than capable of creating either a traditional fish mount or a replica for you, depending on your needs King Sailfish's fish mount blanks are produced from molds made directly from carefully selected fresh specimens, capturing the highest level anatomical accuracy--right down to the fine lines of detail contained inside of each scale. Our Fish Mount Blanks are cast using fiberglass and are lightweight and easy to handle

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We have been in the marine taxidermy business for over 50 years. With over 500,000 custom fishmounts created we have the knowledge and experience to craft the ultimate trophy fish mount. We have traveled the world creating our one of a kind fish molds which are a vital part building unque museum quality fish mount About Fittante. Fittante Replicas & Taxidermy is proud to lead the way in unsurpassed fish reproductions. We make our molds in-house and offer dozens of different sizes and positions. References are available upon request and phone orders are welcome. Serving quality-minded sportsmen across the nation are our specialty Foster Taxidermy Supply specializes in Whitetail Deer Forms. Please give them a try, once you do, you and your customers will be sold. We invite you to try our many taxidermy products as well as our new products. Foster Taxidermy Supply will continue to provide you with the best taxidermy products, the bestservice and of course the best prices in the industry.Above all else, our customers come. My mold collection is extensive, and covers a very large selection of species. Bruce Foster Studio is the only taxidermist in Maryland that can make that claim. I offer the best in custom molding and casting of your trophy fish. I take pride in returning you a high end, detailed and hand finished reproduction. Fish Taxidermy in Marylan

Casting. Van Dyke's has everything you need to make your own molds and pour your own bodies: mixing sticks, flexibowls, urethane foam and silicone rubber. Aves and Roma are just a couple examples of clays available through Van Dyke's. Clays can be used for work like making figurines and costume jewelry as well as taxidermy work While many mold materials may be used to construct a fish head mold, temporary molds are always the better way to begin, since no casting made from a life mold is perfect in all details. That conclusion having been drawn, I prefer to make waste molds from alginate material and then chase or correct the casting before spending the time and money. Unique Circa 1950's Foam Mold Taxidermy Fish Form RelicsAntiques 5 out of 5 stars (1,274) $ 12.98. Add to Favorites 20 Animal and Bird Skulls and Bones for craft projects WildCraftsUK 5 out of 5 stars (1,036) $ 43.40. Bestseller Add to Favorites White Baby Rabbit - Mammal Taxidermy - Mounted Specimen. 4100 Sunrise Hwy. 508D Evans St Oakdale, NY 11769 Morehead City, NC 28557 (631) 244-7516 (631) 379-852 We painstakingly create replicas of nature. FishReplicas.com offers the highest quality in fish replicas today. By combining 40 years of molding experience and today's technology, The Pierce Bros. and crew are able to create the most life-like fish replicas money can buy. (Thank you Doug for your knowledge, experience, stories, and friendship!

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  1. Otten Brothers Taxidermy is a full service wildlife taxidermy studio. We're conveniently located near San Antonio where the Hill Country begins in Boerne, Texas. Art and Matt Otten, brothers, owners and lead taxidermists, grew up hunting, and have always had a passion for wildlife and taxidermy. What began as a hobby evolved into a family.
  2. Fish. Since 1986 Dan Johnson Taxidermy has been serving Southeastern Wisconsin fisherman with quality fish mounts. I have worked with numerous Guides, Bait and Tackle stores and Boat dealerships. All skin mount fish are inserted with hand carved foam fish blanks. Fins are repaired and strengthened with fiberglass cloth and resin
  3. The pictures will help enhance the individualism of your fish. Custom Molds. Another option is to have a custom reproduction made from molding the fish you catch. This option is good for those fish that commercial reproduction is not available due to size or species. Using the latest techniques, I can make a custom reproduction using your fish
  4. How to Taxidermy a Fish. Fish can be some of the hardest animals to taxidermy. The skin loses color once it is dry, so the entire body will need to be recreated with paint. There are different ways to mount a fish, and the kind you are hoping to use will depend on the different mounts. Skin mounts will work the best for bass or other warm-water.

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Since 1976 Northeast Taxidermy Studios has mounted thousands of fish for serious anglers around the world as well as the top marinas, charter boat captains, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities alike. Our fish mounts, which have earned an international reputation, are the reason we are one of the largest marine taxidermists today Safariworks Taxidermy Sales carries a large selection of Fish Taxidermy Mounts including bass, trout, sailfish, salmon and bluegill. Taxidermied Fish for Sale. Page 2. FREE Shipping - Quality Rated - Satisfaction Guaranteed. 712-308-8160. Taxidermy Fish Replicas By Ron Kelly (214) 663-5299. World Class Award-Winning Taxidermist and Replica Specialist * fish mounts * fiberglass mounts * fish molds * fish replicas We specialize in replicas of all kinds of fish. * largemouth bass * peacock bass *.

About Us. In early 2004 a Minnesota taxidermist solicited the financial support of Fred Roguske, an avid sport fisherman, to develop a new line of fish replica molds using Hollywood technology and space age materials Bruch's Fish Taxidermy. 642 likes. Best in World Taxidermy Champion that offers every type of fish taxidermy from skin mounts with real fins to complete reproductions molded/Cast by myself

We have been in the marine taxidermy business for over 50 years. With over half a million custom fishmounts created we have the knowledge and experience to craft the ultimate trophy fish mount. We have traveled the world creating our one of a kind fish molds which are a vital part building unque museum quality fish mount A simple eye mold may well be the easiest chore you will ever perform in the shop. It is nothing more than a hemispheric depression into which clear material is to be poured. The kneadable, two component RTV compound sold by Stutesman Taxidermy Supply has been around the jewelry industry for a long time

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  1. We offer taxidermy services for head mount, shoulder mounts, and full mounts for a wide range of species including elk, moose, deer, and bear. Also, we are the team of taxidermists that will be able to offer you impressive services for fish molds or reptile mounts
  2. However, below I have discussed how I have cleaned my taxidermy fish with some simple steps. How to Clean Taxidermy Fish. Step 1. The first thing I have done is to spray the taxidermy with water. Make sure not to use any strong cleaner because the paint on these fishes is probably made of some heavy chemicals which can be washed away. So, use.
  3. The skin taxidermy method involves removing the skin, head and tail of your fish, and then wrapping it around a foam mold that's similar in size and shape to the original fish. So, with this method you get an actual physical part of the fish that you caught included in the stuffed version
  4. Taxidermy mounts made from real fish usually only contain the skin, teeth, head and fins. The body portion consists of a light weight foam mold on which the skin and other fish parts are mounted. Most fish mounts are actually painted fiberglass replicas. There are some important things to know when the opportunity to catch a trophy fish comes.
  5. Award winning quality taxidermy. Award winning quality taxidermy. Home; Trophy Options Fish. COMPREHENSIVE FISH MOUNTING. You can rely on our skillful and precise techniques to mount and shape your fish! All fish molds are hand-carved into the shape or pose you desire. Let our years of extensive experience work for you. Call us today to.
  6. Replica simply is a recreation of a fish from a mold. This style has several advantages including catch and release, no skinning or fleshing, and not having to deal with the preservation process. With this method, your work basically involves painting and mounting the look-a-like fish
  7. The taxidermy industry quickly recognized their superiority and we soon became the largest freshwater replica supplier in North America. Hollywood enabled us thru the use of silicone molding techniques to create molds from the actual fish thus preserving all their original muscle tone along with unmatched scale detail right down to the pores in.

UNIQUE SPECIES, INC. Marine Artist - Rick Hardy - Taxidermy 1190 East Ohio Ave., Lake Helen, Florida 32744 (386) 228-352 The popularity of fish reproductions or fish replicas has blossomed in the last 25 years. They are a much larger percentage of our fish taxidermy now compared to 25 or 30 years ago. The quality and realism has also increased in that time.. There are many reasons why people have reproductions done rather than conventional mounts Off The Hook Taxidermy is a full time, fish only, taxidermy studio. This means no time will be taken away from working on fish to work on mammals or birds. The studio provides one of a kind, high quality, traditional skin mounts, fiberglass reproduction, or custom mold fish mounts that will last a long time A taxidermy fish mount is also a great conversation piece. C heck out this page if you are looking for taxidermy mounted heads, head mounts . Nothing can enhance a room like the addition of a beautiful life size taxidermy mount Walleye fish taxidermy consisting of Walleye fish mounts and replicas. The quality of our fish skin mounts and replicas of the Walleye species accurately resembles the natural shape & coloration of each fish. Contact us for any questions related to Walleye taxidermy. Below are images of Walleye skin mounts & Walleye replicas.

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Saltwater Fish Mounts. We offer all sizes and species of the most popular gamefish. Our mounts are constructed of lightweight composite materials, and are cast from pre-existing molds. These mold impressions were originally taken from carefully selected fish specimens -- to ensure visual and anatomical perfection 1103 Empire Drive SW Abingdon, VA 24210 Phone#: 276-628-718 UPS has initiated a $25.00 surcharge for any box weighing. 50 or more pounds. Jim Allred Supply will absorb $7.00 of the charge, and $18.00 will be added to your invoice. Fedex is charging $25.00 as well. REST ASSURED we will provide you with some of the best shipping rates in the industry

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Terry & Tammy Lipscomb. Quality Taxidermy Supply Taxidermists' Supplies & Services. 2186 Southwood Road Kinston, North Carolina 28501. Fax & Phone: (252) 527-8722 Toll Free: 1-888-527-8722. e-mail Tammy. The links below will provide you with a sampling of what we carry in inventory. If you would like more information on our forms or taxidermy. Send us your photo email or call 321-525-1167 and we can match it. Add to Cart. Quick view. Calico Bass 21L full mount fiberglass fish replica. MSRP: Now: $340.00. Was: Calico bass, or kelp bass, are found in the eastern Pacific along the west Coast from the Baja Peninsula almost all the way to Canada largemouth bass taxidermy Real Skin LETT'S Mounted 23 9 Lbs. $275.00. $43.30 shipping. or Best Offer. 12 watching. Rare Real Toothy Barracuda taxidermy fish Head mount skull/Shark/Jaw. Will Trade. $250.00. $35.99 shipping Kit Foam is ideal for taxidermists whose work requires longer cream times but shorter gel times. The formula provides superb compressive strength, reliable dimensional stability and good chip resistance so taxidermists can add tacks and staples to foam molds worry-free. Kit Foam is engineered for ease of workability including cutting, carving.

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16 Posts. #5 · Nov 15, 2008. Rockfish Mounting. I'd like to suggest one for you. McGinnity Marinw Art, LLC. Ph# 717-993-2373. george.mcginnitymarineart.com. They just did my Son's Smallmouth bass. They did a great job and I was talking to him regarding some of the rockfish mounts in his show room Gray Taxidermy offers an array of mounted fish, crafting both freshwater and saltwater fish mounts. Gray Taxidermy fiberglass trophy fish provide sportsmen with the absolute highest level of quality and value. Our artists are handpicked and experts in their own craft. There are many reasons why Gray Taxidermy has earned a place among the world. For FISH by Bill owner and artist Bill Fish — yes, you read that right — taxidermy began as a pastime, combining Fish's two loves, the outdoors and art. Well I did it for a hobby for 16 years, self-taught, and then I got to a point where I felt like I couldn't really advance anymore, he said. So, I met with two master taxidermists

Step 8- is to cast the fish head, no mold release is needed. You can fill the mold with urethane plastic and make a solid cast, which you will dremel out later to your specification. The other way to cast is put some urethane plastic in the mold and rotate it around covering all parts of the mold Gray Taxidermy is trusted by thousands of anglers and sport fishermen around the world. Professional Charter Captains and mates utilize our services to provide their own customers with museum quality fish mounts. We have been in the marine taxidermy business for over 50 years. We have traveled the world creating our one of a kind fish molds.

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The only thing that kept me from trying it was the smell of the fish skins drying in the basement. Fish replica's are made of fiberglass. They are produced by taking a fish and making a fiberglass mold of it. While surfing the web a couple of years ago I came across a youtube video of a person making a mold of a crappie nice vintage blue fin fish taxidermy mount.fiberglass.2 feet and 9 inches long.nice condition with a few small paint scrapes on back fin.mounting screws on back.nice piece. payment required within 7 days of auction close.$18.95 postage for u.s.buyers only) we mail packages thru the u.s. post office and include delivery confirmation on every. Murphys Fish Taxidermy has purchased all the resin, Bondo, fiberglass mat and release agents that it will take to produce my first fish replica. I have learned a ton about the process from YouTube and Breakthrough Magazine, so I've decided it would only be fair that I blog my experience through the entire process to share with others Fish Replicas may not be real but they are closer to a real fish than any skin mount will ever be. Quality fish molds are cast off of a real fish capturing every detail as fine as a finger print. With the advancement of the use of silicones ,latex,urethanes and epoxies these materials are able to capture the detail and retain it longer than.

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Polytek® mold making and casting materials are used in many aspects of taxidermy to produce realistic wildlife and themed environments. Silicone mold rubbers are most often used to make flexible molds of real or sculpted antlers, claws, feet, noses, rocks and other scenery, and many other parts that need to be replicated in plastic or foam This, of course, is one of the most vital steps in the making of a quality trophy fish mount. Their patented molds are made from a collection of both real fresh and salt water fish that are used to create the various fish models to reproduce the lifelike fish trophy mounts; their mold collection is the largest in the world Exclusive Distributor of: Taxidermy Taxidermists like Tony Breedlove of Wildlife Art Creations in Melrose, FL, are using Smooth-On liquid rubber and liquid plastic products to create flawless reproductions of fish, reptiles and game. Innovative mold making and casting techniques have redefined the state-of-the-art in realistically reproducing wildlife. Smooth-On mold rubber is brushed onto.

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1844 Wisteria St. Sarasota, Florida 34239. VISIT OUR OTHER WEBSITE BELOW. www.danielblackstonestudio.com. Spotted Seatrout fish taxidermy consisting of Spotted Seatrout fiberglass fish replicas and reproductions. The excellent quality of our fish reproductions and replicas of the Seatrout species accurately resembles the natural shape. This video taxidermy tutorial shows how to make a wall mount sculpture of a white crappie fish. The initial fish is bedded into a soft clay mold, and then painted with fiberglass resin. When the mold hardens and dries, it can then be filled with whatever material desired to make the wall mount. Watch this instructional video and learn how to make a mold for a white crappie fish wall mount.

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Anthony Stever, Owner, Taxidermist. Rick Smith, Taxidermist. Address: 3250 W. Sirius Avenue, Unit C. Las Vegas, NV 89102. Henderson Drop-Off Service, Call Rick at: 702-400-6413. Serving the greater Las Vegas area since 2002. You can depend on 2nd Chance Taxidermy for our experience, quick turnaround, and for your guaranteed satisfaction Join the Team!!! Here at Marine Creations Taxidermy, Striped Bass Replica Mounts are one of our specialties. Each scale is tipped with silver foil and then select scales are high lighted with metallic gold wax. This gives the striper mount high detail and a life like appearance. For your Striped bass trophy replica, you want the best of the best • Trails West is one of the few shops in the country that has most of its taxidermy molds and can pour forms in-house to provide personal quality for customer mounts. • Both Jeff and Jody have extensive experience (combined 54 full-time years) in African, Asian, European and North American big game Taxidermy Dos and Don'ts: Caring for Your Trophy Mounts. It took skill, practice, and a whole lot of patience to scout and harvest your kill. Whether you shot a 10-point buck or caught a 10-pound bass, you now have a trophy to hang and treasure for the rest of your life—as long as it's cared for properly. If you want your trophy to last. You are bidding on the following catalogs. 1985 Fish reproductions by Merediths taxidermy( part of the front cover is ripped) 1990 Fish reproductions by Bob Davis 1991 Action fish reproductions 2002 Fantasies in fiberglass taxidermy 2001 G. R. McGinnitys taxidermy 2001 New Wave taxidermy See all my taxidermy items for sale. International customers Australian Taxidermy Supplies work at developing and supplying a quality range of products for all your taxidermy needs. There is always someone on the other end of the telephone who is willing to help you or guide you in the right direction. All inquiries can be directed to Dennis and Dianne Grundy during office hours. Monday to Thur 9am to 4pm