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Young Ringneck Pheasants $10 each Young Melanistics Pheasants $15 each Located in Bourget Ontario Cash Only. Favourite. $3.00. Pheasant eggs and chicks. Oakville / Halton Region 07/07/2021. Ring neck pheasant's $3.00 each for baby pheasants, $8.00 for dozen off fertile pheasant eggs. Favourite. $5.00 Silver pheasant Trio (1 female is missing a wing from previous owner $120.00 firm Lady Amherst Pheasant male $40 Golden yellow Pheasant male $40 Located in Bourget Ontario. Favourite. $40.00. Pheasants for sale reduced price. Muskoka 06/07/2021. 2 peach , 2 golden and 2 peach males ages between 1 1/2 and 2 years

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  1. Uplands Pheasantry is a family owned and operated pheasant farm located outside of Camlachie, Ontario. View Details. Variety of Services. With options ranging from custom hatching to processed birds, Uplands has been your trusted pheasantry since 1940. Individual oven ready and smoked pheasants are also for sale
  2. Currently Breeding the Following Pheasants: Great Argus Pheasant Blue Eared Pheasant Cabot Tragopan Cheer Copper Edwards's Elliot's Malayan Crested Fireback Siamese Fireback Lad
  3. MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc has been in the game bird business since 1929 and has grown to be the largest pheasant producer in North America. Our years of experience not only helps us in our work to produce and raise the best birds on the market, it also allows us to supply our customers with the best service after sale
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Ornamental Pheasants. Cackle Hatchery® offers for sale a baby chick package of assorted pheasants or some call it an ornamental pheasant deal. This can include 5 different color patterns of the Golden Pheasant and can include the Lady Amherst pheasant. Our hatching dates are May-August which can be preordered well in advance and this order. Thank you for your business! You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly. Exit Shopping Car With the help of our game birds for sale, we've created a seamless way to get high-quality game shipped directly to your home. Game birds are typically used for hunting in the wild for sport or consumption. Our game bird selection features different breeds including pheasants, quail, chukar, and many other types

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Ringneck Pheasant Chicks For Sale. Minimum 25: Ringnecks are both beautiful and useful at the same time. They are extremely popular and sell fast. In some states, a permit is required to keep pheasants. Please be sure to check your state's regulations before ordering. If your goal is to establish a healthy wild population of pheasants, you. Quality chinese ringneck pheasants for sale year round. At Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm, we pride ourselves on the health and hardiness of our adult pheasant hens and cocks. Our ringneck pheasants live in their natural environment with over 30 acres of netted space containing naturally grown corn as cover. With all that room, they stay healthy. Red Golden Pheasant. The red golden pheasants are most common variety of golden pheasants. Brilliant red crest and rear with bright red breast and belly are the attractions of the golden pheasants. Males are brightly colored with yellow crown and lower back. They have finely barred tail with dark wings Cavan Sullivan SMS Text 217-891-7410. New For 2020. We are expanding our meat pheasant flocks to provide our growing network of chefs with our delicious birds. We start gathering pheasant eggs in April so get your orders in soon. We are always looking for other pheasant farms to contract raise our quality ringneck pheasant chicks for more.

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Ornamental Pheasants for sale. There are many reasons to raise ornamental pheasants, not the least of which is their undeniable beauty. From the spectacular Red Gold Pheasant to the cold-loving Eared Pheasants there are almost endless species, color mutations and variations of pheasants. Common ornamental pheasants are hardy and require little care Click an icon below to Call, Text, Email us... Call us at: (937)-760-7282. Text us at: (937)-760-728 Welcome to our website. Tonk Branch Farm is your resource center for various types of animals you may find intriguing and special. We have everything from gamebirds which includes bobwhite quail, king pigeons, chukar partridge, Chinese ringneck pheasants and rio grande turkey, to exotic birds and mammals which include macaws, parrots, conures, lovebirds, hornbills, lemurs, coatimundis, and. There is a $100 minimum release of birds per hunter.. This is equal to either five pheasants, or seven chukars, or ten quail. You may, of course, combine different birds as part of your minimum order. For example, three pheasants and three chukar, or four quail and three pheasants - so long as a $100 worth of birds or more is released per hunter

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We are a unique farm specializing exclusively in raising quail. Our birds have retained their natural immunity and are fed 100% grain with no medication, free of antibiotics and hormones. We produce quail eggs and meat. We also sell live quails for hunting. Our farm, Golden Quail Eco Farm Inc, is located in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Supporting our nature conservation efforts across Canada in 2021!*. Nature Conservancy works to protect the country's most precious natural places. Your purchase through BBF empowers Canadiansto safeguard the lands and waters that sustain life. Order Hatching eggs and chicks throughout Canada. We make it easy with our online ordering system

Peacock pheasants belong to the genus Polyplectron, which means many spurs.It is characteristic of peacock pheasants to have one or more sets of spurs on their legs. There are eight species of peacock pheasants that are as follows: grey, Germain's, Palawan, mountain (Rothschild's), Hainan, bronze-tailed, Malayan, and Bornean (Hainan and Bornean are not represented in U.S. aviculture) Welcome to Silver Maple Gamebirds - Breeder of Bob White Quail and Chukar Partridge. Silver Maple Gamebirds - Wayne and Susan Gerber. 2394 Manser Rd., RR1, Millbank, Ontario N0K 1L0. Phone: 519-656-3342, Cell: 519-505-3342, Fax: 519-656-2915 - CLOSED SUNDAY. Welcome to Silver Maple Gamebirds DELP'S GAMEBIRD HATCHERY - Home. The Gamebird Farm is located at 1398 Hunters Grove Rd Brookville PA 15825 (814) 849-3430. We took over the farm in 1999 from the former owners. The picture above shows the quail breeder pens, brooder pens and flight pens. We Hatch Day old Quail, Chukar and Pheasant Chicks (We also raise and sell mature birds in.

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exotic poultry, heritage poultry, pullets, cockerels, chickens, hens, roosters, chicks, hatching eggs, exotic gamebirds, ornamental gamebirds, ornamental pheasants, exotic pheasants, breeding pheasants, Grey Peacock Pheasant, Red Golden Pheasant, Lady Amherst, Red Pyle Cubalaya, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Malaysian Seramas, Silver Grey Dorkings, Speckled Sussex, Red Jungle Fowl. For more information please call 570-966-7588 or 570-412-4455. You may also email us at ajduttry@juno.com and text at 570-412-4455. Our physical address is 306 Emery Rd. Mifflinburg, PA 17844. We are now accepting credit cards for payment. Please inquire There is a $100 minimum release of birds per hunter.. This is equal to either five pheasants, or seven chukars, or ten quail. You may, of course, combine different birds as part of your minimum order. For example, three pheasants and three chukar, or four quail and three pheasants - so long as a $100 worth of birds or more is released per hunter

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We live in Oakland and have to rehome our small flock of 3 hens, all 15 months old. They're very... Contact For Pricing. California. 2 Photo(s) Ringneck Pheasants for Sale. Ringneck Pheasants available, this year's hatch. Pricing based on age 2.50-5.00ea. Birds are unsexed/parents... $3 USD. Ohio View Phone Numbe Hungarian Partridge. Hungarian partridge closely resemble grouse. These birds are hardy and love to travel in groups. They are very vocal birds and are also favorite additions to gamebird hunts. Their brown markings allow them to blend in to their surroundings well. These birds pair up and mate for life. Ideal habitat would consist of about 65%. Red Golden. The beautiful golden pheasant is a well known aviary bird, they are hardy and easy to keep, and are often the first pheasant a beginner acquires. They do not require a large aviary and can be kept with other bird species, such as waterfowl, doves, pigeons or peafowl. Goldens can be kept in pairs or in small groups consisting of one. Number of Alternative Livestock and Gamebirds Processed for Meat in Ontario Federal/Provincial Combined Statistics - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. For more information: Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300. E-mail: ag.info.omafra@ontario.ca On their first birthday, Swans are then considered to be adult and will build a nest and likely find territory of their own.The females will now be known as Pens and the males as Cobs. In general, yearlings are 12 to 17 months of age while breeders are 18+ months of age. Purely Poultry sells all Pairs as Male/Female pairs of similarly-aged Swans

The Northern bobwhite is a small quail with a rounded body and a stubby tail. They are mostly a mix of greys, rust and brown. Their most obvious feature is the striking head pattern with a bright white eyebrow and throat patch (tan in the female), divided by a black mask. This quail is named for its unique call - a loud, clear. Game Birds for sale at californiahatchery.com. CaliforniaHatchery.com has an excellent selection of game birds for sale!Weather your a game bird hunter or you're just looking for some game birds for your backyard, we've got you covered! All of our gamebirds will arrive in excellent condition and they will make a great addition to your farm Quail for Sale. People raise quail chicks for the same reasons they raise other kinds of poultry: meat, eggs, and pleasure. Bobwhite and other quail are used to train hunting dogs and are hunted themselves. There are 49 species of quail and they are considered game birds

Chukar Partridge. Cackle Hatchery® offers the Chuker Partridge baby chicks for sale and can ship them to you May through July of each season. The Chukar is a non native flight bird introduced to North America in the late 1800's. They are released and/or raised in captivity and do not migrate being a permanent resident. They are a ground. Rochester Hatchery website provides the beginner to professional with information to make your poultry raising experience a successful and enjoyable one Pheasants, Quail, Chukar, and Hungarians. As a member of the North American Game Bird Association and the Southeast Gamebreeders and Hunter Preserve Association, we have been raising the best quality gamebird since 1979.We now produce over 190,000 mature Northern Bobwhite Quail, 30,000 Pheasants, 10,000 Chukars and 3,000 Hungarian Partridges per growing season Northern Bobwhite Quail are a delight to raise. Quail mature in just 16 weeks when raised for meat, will begin laying eggs at 24 weeks, and are prolific layers. Bobwhites can be put with other types of quail after arrival Quail chicks. for you to raise. New Quail chicks from LM Quail Farms mature in 16 about weeks and dress between 7-9oz. If required, Bobwhite Quail can be introduced and kept with other types of quail after arrival, so there are no issues with introducing new birds. We do not ship live birds, please call us for pick up details

Shop Now. PP-097 Brown Rubber Nest Eggs for Laying Hens - 2 PK $7.99. Egg-Stamps Egg Stamps $5.99. GF-556 2 Oz Black Food Grade Ink For Egg Stamping $9.99. GF-555 Farm Fresh Stamp $5.99. GF-554 Free Range Stamp $5.99. GF-553 Laid With Love Stamp $5.99. Shipping Live Chicks. All of our day-old baby chicks, ducklings, pea chicks, and poults are. Merry Christmas from the farm! We've got a couple December sales we'd like to invite you to participate in on southwestgamebirds.com. 1 - for 40% off an order of Hatchery's Choice hatching eggs, use the code Christmas-Surprise on southwestgamebirds.com (That's right, 40% off!) 50X Poultry Automatic Quail Water Drinker Drinking Cup Bird Coop Chick Feed Cup√. C $11.13 to C $59.71. Free shipping. 1 Horizon Quail Nest or Baby Chick Shipping Boxes for Live Birds. Fast Ship

Shipping is across Canada. Hatching eggs are shipped every Monday. Tuesday if Monday is a holiday. There are multiple choices of shipping at check out. Please do not choose a shipment that is longer than 4 days. You will not receive an email regarding your choice and will be shipped via the method chosen Peacocks are actually the name for male Peafowl species related to Pheasants. Male Peafowl are known for their colorful head ornaments and trains or tails. Female Peahens lack these feathers. The most common species in the India Blue Peahen, but there are also Green Peahens and hybrids or spaldings. Some breeders even breed white Peacocks The most popular of breeds, our Ringneck pheasant is used primarily for stocking and hunting. top of page. Kansas Ringneck. Often viewed as the most beautiful strain of pheasant by many in the industry, the Kansas Ringneck is one of the lightest and flightiest pheasants on the continent.. Coturnix Quail chicks. For sale Coturnix day old chicks. Call us for a quote. We can handle orders up to 1500 at a time. All hatchings are preordered, any extra are available on a first come, first serve bases. Day old quail chicks. Quail Eggs ready for the incubator

Purely Poultry is a family-owned business with a big emphasis on diversity of breeds and varieties of chickens, waterfowl, other fowl, books, and supplies. We offer healthy and quality poultry, and attentive service. We bring the experience of ordering of poultry to a new level of excellence Do you feed or water them before they ship? No. We do give them a vitamin called NMAN but an interesting fact, chicks can survive up to 3 days after hatching without food or water because they are able to get water and nutrients from absorbing their yolk sac Button Quail For Sale - Buttonquail (Turnix Sylvaticus) or hemipodes are members of a small family of birds, Turnicidae, which resemble, but are unrelated to, the quails of Phasianidae and are sometimes called the Bustard Quail. These charming birds inhabit warm grasslands in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Buy birds for sale online at The Finch Farm MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc has been in the game bird business since 1929. The 85 years of experience not only helps us in producing and raising the best birds on the market, it allows us to supply our customers with the best service after the sale as well. We take pride in keeping our customers happy and we are always willing to share the ideals. Rise and Shine T-shirt. 2019 Signature Tee. Murray's Color Block T-Shirt. White T Small Logo. Large Logo White T's. McMurray Black Hooded Sweatshirts. McMurray Maroon Hooded Sweatshirts. Sloggers Chicken Daffodil Yellow Boots. Sloggers Chicken Daffodil Yellow Shoes

EXOTIC PHEASANTS FOR SALE...OBO. HELPING A FRIEND TO RELOCATE THIS BIRDS 1 TRAGOPAN MALE $200 1 PAIR IMPEYAN PHEASANTS $500 PAIR FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY... Fillmore California Pets and Animals 200 $. View pictures golden pheasant Pets and Animals For Sale - California. (Clear) Leisure Time & Hobbies. 3 Pets and Animals. Cities. 1 Escondido golden pheasant. 1 Julian golden pheasant. 1 Santa Ana golden pheasant. 1 Orange golden pheasant

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LA-501 White Mute Swans Breeding Age Pair $2,774.99. Out of Season. LA-503 White Mute Swans Yearling Pair $2,249.99. Out of Season. LA-504 Black Australian Swan Yearlings - PAIR $2,249.99. LA-502 Whooper Swans Breeding Age Pair $5,249.99. LA-506 Yearling Whooper Swans Pair $3,749.99. 1 Now you can! We sex Jumbo Cornish X Rocks and provide you with the pullets to use for your Cornish Game Hens. BUTCHER AT 2-21/2 POUNDS LIVE WEIGHT for the most delicious chicken in your life — and you grew it yourself! PLEASE NOTE: Cornish Game Hens are hybrids. Therefore we do not recommend breeding, they will not produce the same high. Restaurant and Food Service Retail/Wholesale Sales Transportation and Warehousing Veterinary Services Work at Home and Business Opp. (Clear) Leisure Time & Hobbies. 20 Pets and Animals. Cities. 34 Sun City live quail. 2 Keswick live quail. 1 Riverside live quail. 1 Sacramento live quail Our Ring-necked Pheasant. by: Barry Sabean. FALL 1990. The ring-necked pheasant found in North America has been described as a mongrel strain, molded by the harsh but efficient process of natural selection. This bird is a curious mixture of Chinese, Korean and Manchurian ring-necks, with a touch of Japanese green and the Caucasian blackneck

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I live intersection Dundas street and Islington. In the stores I find just wild bird feed. Thank you. Reply Cancel. Brian -Do you raise these quail in Canada. Specifically ontario. I want to start but am unsure. Do you know if there are any laws stopping me from raising quail other than a possible bylaw Thank you for your time Reply Cancel. KJ-Hey Description. Nearly twice the size of standard Coturnix, Jumbo Brown Quail finish at 12-14 oz and lay 12-16 gram eggs. JMF Jumbo Brown Quail are the industry standard for Coturnix. They are great for meat or eggs. As a low energy bird, with a curious but calm disposition, they are easy to raise, make great pets, and are perfect for beginners. For sale 13 quail $5 (payette ) hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. favorite this post Jul 16 Quail eggs (eor > Ontario, OR ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. favorite this post Jun 11 Pheasant/Quail Hunting Lease Wante OUR PHEASANTS. Our beautifully colored pheasants are available from day-old to adult. One thing that sets us apart from other producers is our ability to raise birds without blinders. With our large 2,600′ long flight pens full of thick cover, we are able to raise a flightier bird that performs amazing in the field RINGNECK PHEASANTS. Although our hatchery and the subsequent shipping of hundreds of thousands of day old pheasants and chukars is a major part of our business, Oakwood also raises approximately 75,000 pheasants and 30,000 chukar partridge to maturity each year. For 53 years now, Oakwood Game Farm has been a major supplier of Chinese Ringneck.

www.Mallardlanefarms-onlinestore.com. We are a small hobby farm located in Western TN. We currently raise and sell about 30 species of ducks, we also have call ducks, swans, pheasants and doves, however the ducks are our main focus. Most of the birds we raise are available for sale in our new online store which is open year round Description: These African Grey Parrots for sale are stunning companion pet birds. African Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) are Old World parrots from. View Details. $5,000 Salamanders for Sale. Our live salamanders for sale are healthy, hardy, and beautiful. These amphibians have an incredible life cycle, and are perfect for a breeding project. Some species attain large sizes, while others remain fairly small and slender. We've even got axolotls, which are fully aquatic

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Red Golden Pheasant Hatching Eggs 2 Hatching Eggs. $33.00. 24 bids. $9.95 shipping. Ending Today at 2:19PM PDT. Ended BABY BOBWHITE QUAILS 318-481-8293. CA - Chinese Ringneck Pheasants, Valley Quail, Mountain Quail. I have Ringneck Pheasants, California Valley Quail and Mountain Quail. Adults, chick's and eggs. My contact info (408) 595-9121 or Email mtmwspro@yahoo.com . TX - Quail For Sale I often get asked where to get quail eggs. I myself am not set up to sell eggs on a large enough scale to meet my viewers demands but there are several peop.. Always fresh guaranteed. Spring Creek quail eggs come fresh from our small, family-owned farm in Saint Anns, Ontario to hundreds of local supermarkets across Canada and the United States. It's never been easier to say no to the same old chicken eggs and spice up your egg life! Go ahead spice up your egg life! Find a Store We offer live turkey poults for sale at excellent prices. All of our day old turkeys for sale are the of the highest quality. Our turkey poults are shipped the day they hatch, with a small minimum of just 5 turkey poults for broad breasted breeds. We offer sexing on the Broad Breasted White Turkey and the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey, all other turkey breeds are straight run

Cute exotic cats for sale online. Best exotic cats for sale online with delivery services to any global destination in all legal states. This is your one stop shop for all your desired pets and animals. Checkout the lists of the pets available for sale and place your order now. This is the most trusted and efficient way to buy and acquire your animal up to your door step Feather Lover Farms Line Ayam Cemani Chick (Unsexed) (51) Regular price. $ 199.00 $ 149.00 Sale. GFF Line Ayam Cemani Chick (Unsexed) (104) Regular price. $ 149.00 $ 99.00 Sale. Ayam Ketawa Laughing Chicken Chick (Unsexed Female canaries. Chatham, Chatham-Kent. $ 35. I have 3 female canaries for sale 35.00 each the dark one is 1 year old and the other 2 were born in march this year. Call or text 519 350 3862. 7. kijiji.ca. Report Ad. 23 hours ago ostrich chicks,juvenile and fertile hatching eggs mickellrayman. We specialize in blue-black crosses. The end result is roosters which average 6.5 -7 feet.. Ostrich, California » West Covina. $100

Quail Egg Plastic Cartons, Pack of 50 - Holds 12 Quail or Small Eggs - Food Grade Plastic (50 pack quail cartons) - Includes FREE Ebook with Recipes 4.7 out of 5 stars 137 $24.95 $ 24 . 9 Nipissing Quail are proud suppliers of quail throughout North America. We hatch, grow, process and package quail. Our egg to plate process guarantees superior product is delivered to all of our customers every time Peafowl India Blue and Black Shoulder males will be two years old in 2021 $120.00 and up.Taking orders for the 2021 season for Black Shoulder and India blue peachicks $25.00 and up each. For details call 910-640-7114 Tabor City North Carolina. Oct 19, 2020. by Bill Braley on. Need Green Java Peafowl, and other Mandarin Ducks are typically available for sale throughout our shipping season. Even though we raise a large amount of these beautiful birds each year this is a species that usually sells out. When available you can find Mandarin ducks for sale in our new online store A waiting list is also kept year round

Hahns Macaw. Exotic Pet Birds Inc, NY We Ship. HAHNS MACAW BABIES!!! One of the smallest Macaws in the world now available! Please give us a call at (585) 671-2473 and ask us about our birds. $3,900.00 Quick View New Standard Sized Breeds. This auto-sexing, blue egg laying breed is a great addition to any homestead. We have a mixed flock of golden crele and pure cream hens with a golden crele split rooster. Offspring can be either golden or cream. Legbar Roosters over medium-dark brown egg laying hens. Offspring will lay various shades of blue and green BuckTrader is committed to helping you locate the right deer, whitetail, exotic animal, buck, semen, axis, or doe for you ranch or farm

Oakville is a town located in the southern area of the province of Ontario in close proximity to Lake Ontario. With a population of around 182,500 individuals and a land occupancy of approximately 140 square kilometers, it is a small town that is slowly increasing in population by around 10% every 5 years or so New World Quail For Sale in Canada? Valley, and mountain quail to buy. Anyone know where to get these in Canada? I live in Ontario. Thanks. Reply. Oct 12, 2018 #2 bantamsrmyfav Free Ranging. 10 Years. Feb 26, 2011 2,631 4,474 747 Gatineau, Quebec, Canada My Coop My Coop. Have you tried kijiji? Reply. Oct 13, 2018 Lake Erie Waterfront For Sale Global Real Estate. Cottages Globalreal-estate.net Related Item ››. Just Now Cottages For Sale On Lake Erie Ontario Canada. 5 days ago . 45 people watched. 1501 Line 8 Road Unit# 234, Niagara On The Lake, On.Fort Erie, Niagara. $ 88,000. 3 bedroom (s) 1 bathroom (s) This fully furnished, 3 bed 1 bath cottage is located in the beautiful Vine ridge resort. Wooden Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Guinea Pig House W48xD22xH37. $130 (Ontario) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post. Jul 13

The basic need is the pheasant-nesting box because the bird feels secure and safe. The female would sit in the box and brood the fertile eggs - after the mating process, new babies would join the league. It is said that the box must be 40 centimeters wide, 40 centimeters long and 20 centimeters high bidadoo has a great selection of quality used equipment for sale via online -- no-reserve -- auctions and through the bidadoo Marketplace Welcome to bidadoo - the largest and most trusted online auction service for used construction equipment, rental fleets, trucks, and capital assets - on the world's largest auction marketplace, eBay http://www.prairiefarmreport.comFeatures: Arnie & Shirley Morris and their large Quail egg laying operation near Ardrossan, Alberta. At the time of our visit.. Celadon Quail. The Celadon Quail are a special variety of Coturnix Quail who carry a rare, recessive gene (the celadon gene) which causes their eggs to be a gorgeous blue color (often with brown speckles!). We breed for seven different feather colors. Scarlett, Rosetta, Tibetan, Scarlett Tuxedo, Rosetta Tuxedo, Tibetan Tuxedo, and English White

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How to Raise Pheasant for Profit. Raising pheasants can be a profitable business if done correctly as the game birds are in high demand during hunting season. Pheasant require the right shelter, food and sanitary conditions in order to survive. Learn how to raise pheasant for profit to achieve optimal results German Wirehaired Pointer Puppies For Sale 678.63 miles. Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer. 688. Location: Neenah, WI. Excellent bird dogs, great family dogs. Two females, two males. AKC registered and up-to-date on all shots. Pups are well socialized and great with Anyone interested in buying birds, Mark at Millstream Farm has quail @ $3.50 & chuckars @ $6.00. He supplies quail to Bent Creek Preserve, strong fliers. Farm is on Milstream Rd. not far from Colliers Mill WMA. Take Rt. 537 west about a mile from Rt. 539, to a left on Milstream Rd., first farm..

Vet evaluation, first shots and worming. For more information text 541-233-8483...or email wend_sue@hotmail.com. We are located in Terrebonne, Oregon. Pets - Puppies and Dogs For Sale. Web Id: 18439880 Live Water Properties has compiled the top trophy hunting ranches for sale and listed them here. Our brokers combined firsthand hunting and estate experience, make them experts in the field to show you the properties with the prime natural habitat for deer, antelope, elk, waterfowl and upland birds such as quail, grouse and pheasant Top 5 Quail Cage Styles 1. The Stacked Quail Cage. Stacked cages are perfect if you are looking into starting a full-blown quail-raising operation. These are cages that are stacked on top of each other. The pens are separated, however, to prevent droppings from entering the cage below. You can purchase these cages in tier bundles from 2 up to 6. Quail eggs at Wadley Quail Farm in Georgia. We strive for excellence and our Bobwhite quail are some of the best. We keep only the best birds for our layers and sell only the best quail eggs. Home of the Georgia Giant Bobwhite Quail. We are a NPIP #57-1329 tested and certified disease free far