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  3. Kids Vastu for Bedroom Furniture. Kids Vastu for Bedroom Furniture. Place cupboards in South or West walls of the room. Don't place the furniture adjacent to the walls. Maintain a gap of few inches to let the positive energy flow smoothly. Avoid placing any furniture in the center of the room as it obstructs the flow of energy in the room
  4. Kids bedroom vastu rules that furniture made of metal can bring about negative impact in the ambience. Remember, always keep a certain amount of gap between furniture when placing them in the room. This allows positive energy to flow without any hindrances. Do not place any heavy objects in kids' study rooms as these objects block the flow of.
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  6. Vastu Video Tips - Vastu Tips For Kids Room | Dr. Smita Children room is a hub of recreation, fun and frolic; however some basic things should be taken care of to make your child an all-rounder. Vastu complaint room suggests placing every thing at its proper location according to corresponding direction such as study table , bed , bathroom.
  7. Green color proves the best for kids' room, as it is associated with freshness and peace and increases brain power as well. We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the children room. Vastu consultation of children room involves a thorough analysis. Proper location of the bedroom in the hous
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Kids Room Vastu Tips #2: Direction of the Bed. According to children bedroom vastu, ensuring the proper direction of the bed is equally important as the direction of the kid's room. The best direction to place the bed is the south-west side of the room. However, here in this scenario, only placing the bed in the right direction is not enough Colors | Vastu for Children Bedroom Children love nature and using colors is an easy way to bring the essence of nature inside the room. The use of natural shades like green for life, orange for growth, yellow for stability, and blue for vision is highly recommended in the children zone Vastu for Children Room. A house that is built with love and satisfaction turns out to be a home for a happy family. And a home when constructed with Vastu Shastra rules and tips invite prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, wealth and love automatically

Vastu colors for home suggest that the room's walls must be painted in the shades of green. This color symbolizes peace, and freshness. The bed must be placed at the southwest corner. The child's head must face south or east, when sleeping. Never place a computer or a T.V right opposite to the bed Following Vastu Ways to improve Child's BedRoom principles, parents can create a study area that allows children to focus on homework and study habits, learning to better grades. To sow a seed of sound mental, physical, and emotional health in children, it is imperative that kids are exposed to a holistic way of living from the very beginning Vastu For Children Room, Child Bedroom In North East, Children Bedroom Vastu, Kids Room Vastu, Kids Bedroom Vastu, Vastu For Kids Room, Best Color For Children's Room Vastu, Location Of Children's Bedroom As Per Vastu, Eldest Son Room According To Vastu, Child Bedroom In South East, Vastu For Children's Study Room, Vastu For Boy Bedroom, Children's Study Room As Per Vastu, Best Direction For. Children's Room or Study room, or Playroom or Bedroom can be in the west , South (South vastu), North and even in East directions, if one has no such rooms then next best is Southeast , Northwest . Allot West side bedroom to the children, as it is good for the children Please recommend the best painting for kids room as per vastu. What are all vastu tips for children's study room. Can we use bunk beds at students bedroom. Good luck. Refresh comments list. Add comment. Name (required) E-mail (required, but will not display) Title (required) Send. JComments. Share This Article: facebook; twitter

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Bedroom Vastu Tips For Kids. The beauty of the house comes from the children. If they remain calm or silent then there will be an atmosphere of unrest in the house anyway. So while designing their bedroom, take special care of these vastu tips-1. The walls of their rooms should always be white or light colored Vastu tips for kids. Vastu shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India, which covers each and every aspect of a house, right from the bedroom to the kitchen to the children room Vastu Tips for Kids' Bedroom: Your child's room is the most special place in your house which consists of not just vibrant energy but is also a hub of creative energy and ideas

Vastu for bedroom tip #7: Designing a kid's bedroom Light blue is an ideal colour for kids' bedroom . Children bedroom vastu is disregarded oftentimes. This room is equally, if not more, important than the other rooms in order to foster a loving and nurturing environment for a child. These tips will help your child to attract good dreams. Vastu bedroom tips say that plants, fish aquariums or any other life forms are a strict NO in bedroom. If a bedroom is in the West side of the home then it's best for children. As per bedroom vastu, unmarried children or guests can use a bedroom in the East Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, kids are studying at home and are mostly using tablets, laptops, mobiles to attend online classes. It becomes all the more important for them to follow vastu guidelines so that negativity generated by the use of electronics can be mitigated or nullified. Here are the few vastu tips for your child's study room 2. West direction is ideal for children room and must be placed there. 3. Keep the bed in South-West portion of the room and let your child sleep with head towards South or East direction for peace of mind. 4. According to vastu for kids room, the door to the child's bedroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed

#mydestiny #horoscope #astrology #devotional #dharmasandehalu #telugubhaktiWatchBedroom Vastu For Children || Vasthu Tips || Kids Bedroom 2021 || Chandaja Va.. Bedroom Vastu for Guests, Kids, Students. Guest's Bedroom: If you frequently welcome guests at your home and you have a plan to build a bedroom for guests then the northwest direction is the best. It will create a good impact on your guests. Kid's Bedroom: If you are planning to make a bedroom for your kids then plan it in the west. Bedroom In Northeast Direction - According to our Vastu Shastra, The deity of the Northeast direction is Shiv.This part of the house should be completely empty and clean, You should not have any room in the northeast direction. This direction is ideal for Mandir or Worship Room

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Direction of bedroom as per Vastu Ideally, the bedroom at south-west brings good health and prosperity for the home owner and enhances longevity. Avoid a bedroom in the north-east or south-east zone of the house. In the south-east, it may result in quarrels among the couple. Which Colour is best for kids room as per Vastu Preferred colours for children's room are green and blue; this adds freshness, positivity and brightness to the room. Also, make sure that the doors of the room are always on the east or north direction because these are the best directions for the door. Contents hide 1 Where should be kids bedroom as per Vastu

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Green colour is the best for kids' room or children's room according to vastu as it is associated with freshness and peace. It also increases one's brainpower. The Lifetime Advantage Of Following Children Room Vastu: Vastu consultation of child room vastu from Vedicology involves a thorough analysis of the following factors and pointers Here are a few Vastu tips for kid's room that you must keep in mind. Room Direction according to Vastu . The ideal place of the children's room is the west zone of the house. The door should be facing east directions it welcomes positive vibes and happiness in the bedroom. Moreover, the door of the children's room should open clockwise

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Some basic tips of Vastu for children's room are as follows: West direction is ideal for children room and must be place there. Keep the bed in South-west portion of room and let your child sleep with head towards South or East direction for peace of mind Vastu shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India, covers each and every aspect of a house, right from the kitchen to the garage to the children room. Talking about the last aspect, designing your kids' room as per Vastu ensures that the whole ambience contributes to your child's development, mental as well as physical

Vastu Tips for Kids Room West portion of your house is the most appropriate direction for constructing kid's room. If you want you can also consider the northeast, northwest and southeast directions but refrain from choosing southwest direction. When it comes to place the bed in children room, it is good to choose southwest cornerRead Mor Children's Bedrooms Vastu. Children's bedroom as per Vastu has an ideal location in the North-East for boys and North-West for girls. Other locations are east and west. Guest Bedrooms. The ideal location for the guest bedroom as per Vastu is in the north-west. Location of Bedrooms in Different areas of the House has Following Effects 1 May 25, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Divine Vastu. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. May 25, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Divine Vastu. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Feng Shui Kids Bedroom. Vastu Tips for Children's room. Saved by Divine Vastu Vastu Colour As Per Bedroom Vastu. Vastu colours for bedrooms require special attention, mainly when performing bedroom Vastu for couples. When it comes to Vastu for bedrooms, colours are fundamental. We might also go so far as to claim that Vastu colours for bedroom will make or break your relationships

#kidsbedroom#kidsvastu#vastutipsforkidsvastushastra is very essential part of our daily lives even without perfect vastu we couldn't have a better life today.. Overall size of the room and recommended colors: As per the Vastu, bright colors are more suitable for children's bedroom. The dark shades like black and dark blue and grey must never be used in kid's bedroom or study room. One can choose bright shades like light blue, yellow, orange and even shades of purple and green

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Vastu Guidelines For South-East Bedroom. The South-east direction in Vastu is considered to be like a well-wisher who is sensitive yet angry by nature if not complied with properly. Lord Agni is the owner of this direction while its representative planet is Venus (Shukra). The sun, the provider of heat, energy and light, is the strongest when. Kids' room is a hub of recreation, fun, and frolic. However, several basic things should be considered before designing a kid's room. Vastu suggests placing everything such as study table, bed, bathroom, and clock, doors, and windows at an appropriate location as per the corresponding direction Color Combination as Per Vastu: Color combination of home as per vastu affect the mood and health. As per Vastu the color of a bedroom should be either white, pink, or baby cream. And, one should try avoiding the dark colors for their room. But, you can use these bright colors in the kids' bedroom as they enhance cognitive abilities The process to make a study room a vastu compliant one is a two step - but very easy - process. The first step to make your study room vastu compliant is to locate it as per rules and guidelines of vastu shastra. To help you on this - first step - I have created an image which reveals to you the best location to make a study room In case there is vaastudosha in this direction; their bedroom is not in the proper direction, or there is some vaastu defect in the interiors of the room, it directly affects the health, age and relationship of the seniors with the rest of the family members. Vastu expert SK Mehta helps us to minimize such problems 1

- Kids bedroom is ideal in the North-West direction. Vastu defects in the North-West zone indicates a disturbance of the air element and it may cause ailments related to breathing like Asthma Vastu guidelines advise homeowners to place money and jewellery in the north of the room. Since the north is also the direction of Lord Kuber, the god of wealth, this direction is the best to store wealth. Place the almirah a little away from the wall of the bedroom to allow a free-flowing space for air movement The Vastu plays a major role in placement and designing of the master bedroom.The way you sleep with your head in different direction and your placement of bed is a major decision which must be taken properly with utmost care. Here are some basic points one must adhere to get peace and prosperity in your bedroom. Master Bedroom in South West The master bedroom should always be located in the. Vastu for bedroom. The main bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house. If there is an upper story in the house, the master bedroom should be on this floor, in the southwest corner. Adult married children can also use this room. Younger children, however, should not use it because that will cause trouble in the household Master Bedroom in South West The master bedroom should always be located in the Southwest part of the house as Southwest represents the element Earth which implies the heaviness, which makes it as the ideal place for the master of the house. Southwestern bedroom not suitable for Kids This is not at all suitable for children room, guest room, servant room or any other room

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Feng Shui kids bedroom is very essential and one should take care at the time of doing management and arrangement of children bedroom because if the positive energy is there inside the bedroom for the children then kids' bedroom automatically becomes positive. Feng Shui kids room has to be kept neat and clean and it should be aromatic According to ancient science of directions, Vastu Shastra peace and harmony reign through bedroom if the room is located in right direction. A properly located bedroom provides complete relaxation after a weary day and also brings good things into life. Here are given the facts which explain complete vastu for bedroom Vastu for Bedroom. A bedroom is the most happening room in the entire house. It is a place where you can relax, sleep for hours, rest the body, watch television and enjoy some personal time. With increasing fashion and design in the world, people love to design their house according to their choice. Many people who cannot design their houses.

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Vastu literally means house or Dwelling Place and its principles establish to create a harmony between the fine elements viz. Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the environment. Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology, it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building Vastu Tips for Bedroom. A bedroom in the North: This is the ideal direction for young couples and also for storing valuables, important papers, cash, jewellery etc.. A bedroom in the North East: This direction should not have any bedroom since it is the sacred space of the house.. A bedroom in the East: The direction is ideal for unmarried children.. A bedroom in the South East: The direction. Kids' room should be constructed in the northwest corner of the house. The colour scheme should be mild. Don't place the furniture sticking to the wall, as it obstructs the flow of positive energy. The study desk should be placed in such a manner that the child faces eastern, northern or north-eastern corner while studying

As per the vastu guidelines the married couple should have their bedrooms in Southwest corner and if the home is multi-storied I is advisable to have the master bedroom on the second floor also, be make sure that the kids don't have their bedrooms in the same area as it is an indication of trouble Vastu for the master bedroom. In a south-facing home, the ideal location for the master bedroom, is considered to be in the south-west direction. In case there are multiple floors in the property, Vastu rules state that the master bedroom should be constructed on the top floor. Also see: Vastu tips for the bedroom . Vastu Shastra for the kids. May 25, 2014 - Explore Divine Vastu's board Vastu tips for kids & students, followed by 128 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about feng shui, kids, energy forms Paintings in the children room, guest room, youngsters, etc should be placed with the advice from a Vastu expert. The wrong location of the painting can be harmful and invite unwanted problems. The water element in the earth zone are harmful, fire picture in water zone (northern) is dangerous, Dominating earth element painting in the water zone.

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Bedrooms as per Vastu, are best untilised when the consideration of age, profile, & individual problems are taken into account. ENE is a zone of rejuvenation, recreation, & refreshments. So, a bedroom in the ENE zone of the house is fine for sleep.. As per vastu rules for sleeping direction, the sleeping direction in the master bedroom should either be the south or the east-west. As the head of the family should be a healthy person, it influences the entire well-being of the family members Vastu. Tips on Blending Living Room Decor with Vastu. June 27,2020 by Himanshu Arora. Vastu. 15 Tips for Vastu for Car Parking and Car Garage. June 28,2021 by Himahshu Arora. Vastu. 5 Vastu Tips Each for Two Side Road Plot, Three Side Road Plot, and Dead End Road Plot. June 28,2021 by Himahshu Arora One of the strong elements of Vastu is the earth. A painting of a solid rock mountain or a tall building improves the earth's energies. This is a highly beneficial painting for the main bedroom in the southwest when placed according to the advice from a Vastu expert.A rocky grey or dark brown painting helps to bring mountain retreat feeling and brings earth element qualities in the desired.

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Vastu expert Ridhi Bahl tells Hz the vastu shastra guidlines for apartments that should be strictly followed. From the cooking station direction in kitchen to the floor on which the master bedroom should be or the study table in kids room, these rules are a must Vastu & Feng Shui News: vastu for master bedroom - Different zones have been demarcated for the bedrooms of all family members. Avoid having bedrooms in the North-East and South-East corners of.

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Vastu remedies reveal that the wall in front of bedroom's gate holds of a great importance, as it signifies luck and wealth. Hence, the gate must be accordingly installed. There must be a circular table within the bedroom. One must not sleep beneath a light beam and nearby a wall pillar. Avoid installing glass within kids' bedroom Here are the top tips of how to use Vastu for your child's bedroom. Plan your child's room in the west part of the house. Alternatively, east, north or the northeast direction can also be used. Having the kids' room in this part improves their grasping power and knowledge Kids bedroom is ideal in North-East were as children bedrooms ideal in North-West. Vastu defects in the North-West zone indicates a disturbance of the air element, and it may cause ailments. Kids Room Vastu lay emphasis on safety followed b y the comfort. There are few things you need to know about! Home; Register; Sign In +91 11 4242 0837; search. 4973 Architects, 8487 Interior Designers, 1119 Consultants, 3873.

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We takes care to first analyse your problems and their relations to Vastu. We then suggest you detailed suggestions on the lines of customised Vastu Also, for kids, the other suitable direction as per Vastu is the east direction, the bedrooms in the east direction help student to excel in the study and have improved intellect. Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra. If the bedroom is the master bedroom then the occupant should be a married couple of that house Vastu for Bedroom Shape of the Bedroom. The desired shape of the bedroom is considered to be square or rectangular. The length to breadth ratio of the bedroom should always be less than two. For instance, if the length of the room is 20 feet then the breadth of the room should be at least 10 feet and not less than that According to vastu shastra, the size of a room can have great impact on the people living in the house. This is the ground rule for every single room. Hence, it's very important to take care when deciding the length and breadth of the rooms

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The shape of the bedroom should be square or rectangle. No other shape is allowed as the guidelines of Vastu. Ideal colors for the walls of the bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and green. The master bedroom and the guest room should be painted in different hues of blue for a good sleep According to Vastu Shastra, avoid Iron or any kind of metal furniture for the bedrooms or study rooms meant for your kids, if the rooms are located in the Eastern side of your luxury home/apartment. Instead, you can go for wooden furniture, as this is considered to be ideal for all the 16 Vastu Zones of your home Vastu does not recommend a bedroom in the southeast under any circumstances since it is the quadrant of fire and imparts a hot temperament to those occupying it. It is best to shift from this room to any other room in the southwest, south, west or northwest With the help of Vastu, the minds of the children become sharp and they get less distracted. Not only this, the kids study in an effective manner if vastu is well taken care of. Some Vastu tips for kids' healthy growth and good education are: The room for the kids must be in the east, northeast or north of the House Place Swastika or Om on the entry gate or above the gate. As per vastu shastra, it helps to keep evil, spirits and black eyes away from the home or office. When it comes to vastu for your kids room, vastu suggests use of paintings like running horse, goddess saraswati, mountains and sunrise in the East direction. Also make sure your that your. It is essential to create a calm, relaxing, mood-elevating atmosphere in the bedroom. Enhancing a bedroom for romance is extra important. Most noteworthy, your bedroom is your comfort zone. Good Vastu arrangement strengthens the bond between a couple. An important consideration for Bedroom Vastu . The bed should not be facing the room door