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In DragonVale for the Android and iOS systems (iPhone and iPad, etc.), Gemstone Dragons are a newer breed of dragons that are only available during a specific month and reflect what would be the birthstone of that month. Ruby for July, Peridot for August, etc. The addition of Gemstone Dragons started in May 2012 with the Emerald Dragon Note: Egg Count is five less than the Dragon Count because Kairos, Gaia, Bahamut, Tiamat, and Ts'aishen do not have eggs. Note: Sorted breeding and incubation times can be viewed on the Breeding Times page. Note:Eggs can be displayed on egg pedestals.The design and color of most dragon eggs are fairly predictable based on the combination of elements. All of the primary element dragons' eggs. Tag Archives: Dragonvale egg list Gem Dragons. Posted on June 17, 2012 by googyman8. 1. There is a new gem dragon released at the start of each month. They all create gems to collect instead of coins but they only produce gems about twice a month depending on what level your gem dragon is. The Gemstone Island is the habitat for these dragons. Garnet Dragon = Smoke + Obsidian. FEBRUARY. Amethyst Dragon = Hail + Sonic. MARCH. Aquamarine Dragon = Iceberg + River Gemstone Dragon Breeding in DragonVale. Gemstone Dragons were first introduced in May 2012, the first being the Emerald Dragon. All Gemstone Dragons earn gems instead of gold when kept in their habitats, and they aren't able to breed at all. Jade Dragon - Represents multiple birth stones from the middle of May through the middle of August.

*** NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DRAGONVALE FRIENDS TO SWAP GEMS WITH, PLEASE POST YOUR INFO ON OUR DRAGONVALE FRIEND REQUESTS POST, NOT ON THE INDIVIDUAL BREEDING POSTS. THANKS!!*** ***If you are looking for hints as to how to WIN THE KAIROS AND GAIA QUESTS, click here!***. So it appears more than a few of you are looking for tips on breeding various Dragons in DragonVale (Free/Universal) I thought it was weird so I came on here and found that there was not a dragon with a breeding/incubation time of 52 hours! So I went and searched the epic dragons that I didn't have and low and behold! It turns out the dragon with the 52 hour time is in fact a party dragon! On your list, you have the party dragon as 54 hours

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  1. ute: Dragon Earning Rates without boosts. Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above. Template:Automated Names/Enfis Dragon The Enfis Dragon was released on.
  2. Gemstone dragons! Question I spent the whole last month continuously breeding the lichen and crystal dragon together, only to realize that the emerald dragon's description says this dragon cannot breed at this time i figured it was a glitch and continued breeding
  3. DragonVale DragonVale Breeding DragonVale Gemstone Dragons. A set of Dragonvale Breeding tips that will get you on your way to breeding wild and crazy Dragonvale dragon combos in not time. Since the core of Dragonvale is breeding dragons lets focus on that
  4. If the dragon is an earth hybrid, then its egg will have either the diamond pattern or the color bronze. If the dragon is a cold dragon hybrid, then its egg will have either the snowflake pattern or the color light blue. If the dragon is a lightning hybrid, then its egg will have either the lightning bolt pattern or the color yellow
  5. Breeding. Ruby dragons can only be breed by breeding a chrome dragon to a scorch dragon and a lot of luck. Habitats. These dragon must be place in either a Gemstone habitat or on Gemstone Island. How to care for. TBA Favorite Treat. TBA Life Cycle Mating. Ruby dragon courtship is a long and grueling process for the male. The female is extremely.
  6. The first and last days of the month are the best times to get gem dragins and rare dragons. I also either level up the dragons just before breeding or decorate my park like crazy or I use the racing track and place first with dragons I am about to breed. It works I've never missed one gem dragon since doing it this way
  7. An Introduction To Breeding, Elements and Dragons: Breeding requires 2 level 4+ dragons, breeding combinations will have multiple outcomes and the result is mostly out of your control. There are 4 breeding caves in DragonVale: the standard Breeding Cave purchased for 3000 DC during the tutorial, the Co-op Breeding Cave unlocked at level 10 for fre

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Breeding Main article: Breeding Elements determine which egg will result. By breeding dragons with different elements, the result will be a hybrid dragon or an epic dragon.. Dragonsai or gem Dragons cannot be bred. They are obtained only as gifts players earn from each 20 consecutive days of play or bought for 50 USD SOLSTICE DRAGON: (SEASONAL - Only breedable around the Summer and Winter Solstices (Currently ends June 27th) INCUBATION TIME: 23.5 Hours BUY-IT Price: 2,250 GEMS HOW TO BREED: Mud and Blazing / Blazing and Lava / Blazing and Obsidian / Blazing and Earth (BackFlip Studios claims Some say that the odds of breeding one are best on the actual day of the Summer and Winter solstices Raise and care for your own magical dragons in DragonVale! Create a park full of adorable and friendly dragons by hatching them, feeding them, and watching them grow up. Share your dragon land with your friends and help each other with gifts. Make sure to use the sticky post at the top of the subreddit to add friends. 22.9k Im scared because theres 1 day and 12 hours until the topaz dragon goes and i am breeding for the topaz dragon but this is my first try. I dont have any gem dragons but i have all 4 gem habitats. Omg omg omg. I hope i get it!!

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  1. Another month, another Gemstone Dragon in DragonVale. It is the last of the gemstone dragons, the Diamond Dragon which completes the 12 Dragon set. You can breed the April Gemstone dragon with the combination below. Like other Gemstone Dragons there is only one combination you can use to hatch it. The details are as follows: Breeding Pair: Ice.
  2. ute: Dragon Earning Rates without boosts. Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page.
  3. AMETHYST DRAGON: INCUBATION TIME: 28 Hours BUY-IT Price: 1500 GEMS HOW TO BREED: Hail and Sonic (Only Breedable in February) (This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full li
  4. Being a Gemstone dragon, it earns gems instead of gold and can not mate at all. The Topaz Dragon has a base breeding time of 30 hours, sells for 1,500,000 gold, and earns 100,000 XP upon successful breeding at level 11. To breed a Topaz Dragon, breed a Cactus Dragon with a Firefly Dragon during the month of November
  5. Being a Gemstone dragon, it earns gems instead of gold. The Pearl Dragon has a base incubation time of 30 hours, sells for 1,500,000 gold, and earns 100,000 XP upon successful breeding at level 14. To get a Pearl Dragon, you need to breed a Seaweed Dragon with a Snow Dragon during the month of June

In DragonVale for the Android and iOS systems (iPhone and iPad, etc.),the Opal Dragon is the sixth Gemstone Dragon introduced to the game, representing the month of October. Being a Gemstone dragon, it earns gems instead of gold and can not mate at all. The Opal Dragon has a base breeding time of 31 hours, sells for 1,500,000 gold, and earns. A more detailed description of how it does it can be found here as well as download locations for the latest builds. To get every dragon ever released, it would cost 48,871 Gems. This is the best place for Dragonvale Gem Cheats, and it collects all the questions, answers and strategy guide about Dragonvale Gem Cheats for iphone, ipad, itouch Now go and download Dragonvale Hack, generate the desired amount of Gold and have fun! The image below displays all the Dragonvale Eggs available p to Jan. On the left side enter how many items: Coins, Treats and Gems you want to get. Level 10 Dragon (25 points) Level a dragon to full maturity. Breed a lightning type with a cold type DragonVale is a dragon breeding game for iOS/Android devices originally created by Backflip Studios, and now owned by Deca Games. The DragonVale Sandbox is an independent, fan-created project. Updated: 2021 Aug 02 — Enfis and Yarr left The truth about DragonVale Hacks. In 2016 Backflip Studios released DragonVale. The game was an instant success and achieved millions of downloads in no time. DragonVale received raving reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars on the App Store and 4.3 stars on the Play Store. The game is still very popular today and has many dedicated fans

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DragonVale Breeding Guide: Epics Epic breeding is epically hard! There are a special class of dragons in DragonVale, that are so rare that each one is an achievement to acquire in and of itself. If you like actual Achievements you'll need to breed epics for Every Last One and Double Rainbow All the Way Like all Dragonsai Dragons, the Azalea Dragon sports a glimmering gemstone on its hide as a mark of its unique power to attract Gems. Collecting this dragon will allow you to obtain Gems from its habitat. Discover the Azalea, from the Lost Scrolls of Astromancer Valelilio: A different poem fora different dragon I happened upon. The sky alight. The new Gemstone Dragon has arrived into your game. For instance, a rainbow dragon is worth 2500 gems while a fog dragon is worth 1,000 gems. One of these would be the freeze banana. Breed a Rain Dragon with a Mountain Dragon. Go into Dragonvale and when the pop-up Comes Up Select Game Center. If not, it's probably another marsh dragon Those of you who play DragonVale know about gemstone island and gem dragons. I found out why Gem Dragons only produce 1 gem per couple of days. PS, GameCenter: sixthleafclover We can be friends. Don't expect gems all the time. But you can rely on your dragons to produce them :

The only optimal pattern is to make sure as few dragons are in each habitat as possible; instead of keeping 3 in one and 1 in all others, put 2 in each habitat, for example. If you have Jade dragons, space them out evenly (or, more likely, keep a single one) to minimize their impact on your gem earning rate Breeding. Each dragon has a unique breeding time and can be bred by placing two dragons in the Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island. Generally, rarer dragons tend to have longer breeding times, and Enchanted dragons tend to have longer breeding time than their basic counterparts. For specific breeding information, click on the individual. Unfortunately there are no guarantees as far as dragon breeding in Dragonvale and it really comes down to luck. Rare breeding may be successful on the first try and it might just as easily take until the 50th try. You can supposedly grant yourself a slightly better chance at rare breeds by using the Epic Breeding Island. With an estimated 3% chance for the Sun and Moon, it would mean that in.

Like all Dragonsai Dragons, the Deadwood Dragon sports a glimmering gemstone on its hide as a mark of its unique power to attract Gems. Collecting this dragon will allow you to obtain Gems from its habitat. Discover the Deadwood, from the Lost Scrolls of Astromancer Valelilio: Upon a walk one starry night, the land lit by the full moon's light DragonVale Gems are the Rubies that allows you to do all wonders in DragonVale, this includes speeding up buildings, eggs, breedings, and even buy dragons! There are a few ways to obtain DragonVale Gems. The most used way is probably trying to get your friends from Game Center to send you a gift which is a gem First, make sure that you are at least level 17 if you want to breed a gemstone dragon. Then, you can either unlock the breeding hint for the current gemstone dragon, or there are many articles and videos that show the breeding combinations. Breed specifically the two dragons the breeding combination tells you to The all-new Epic Breeding Island. The impatient can purchase gems or get them from friends to speed up the process, but it won't be cheap. For Tending the Park : Your park is a floating island that has bushes, trees and rocks. Keep in mind that the order you breed the dragon does not matter

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All Gemstone dragons are extremely rare and can be tricky to breed, and thus far there is only ever one combination that can be used to breed a particular gemstone dragon. The DragonVale Wikia has a complete list of gemstones and you can determine which is/are current by consulting a list of the currently limited dragons, like this one Breed, hatch, and raise over 500 different mythical dragons. If you've got dragon mania, DragonVale is the game for you! - Enter your dragons in fun races and send them on quests to win epic treasures and Dragon Cash. - Discover new dragons, decorations, habitats, and activities during special seasonal events. - Dragon eggs Dragons. There are so many dragons in Dragonvale, you probably can't memorize them all even if you tried. There are 11 main types of dragons: Plant, Earth, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Water, Air, Metal, Gem, Olympic, and Treasure. There are also hybrid dragons. You breed them by breeding two main dragon types in the Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding. Some Epic Dragons can be both Limited and Epic, making them even more rare than the rest, like the Leap Year Dragon, one of the rarest dragons in the game. Here is a list of the Epic Dragons to date, with more being added as they are released. Epic Dragon Breeding in DragonVale. Bronze Dragon - Breed dragons containing Earth and Metal elements Discover the most popular dragon collecting game in the world! Can you hatch them all Your dragon-filled fantasy park awaits in DragonVale! Breed, hatch, and raise over 500 different mythical dragons. If you've got dragon mania, DragonVale is the game for you! Features. ★ Grow and harvest Dragon Treats, then feed your dragons to level up

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Understand the breeding process. In order to breed dragons, you will need to have unlocked the Breeding Island or Breeding Cave. This is where you can send two dragons to breed and produce an egg. The egg will need to incubate for a certain amount of time before it hatches, depending on the breed the egg contains DragonVale is a breeding simulation game that introduces a magnificent world where you can create your own dragons and keep them in their own habitats. You can satisfy your dragon mania by raising them, care for them, and watching them grow every day. Moreover, you can keep your beloved dragons in your own park, which consist of various islands suitable for certain type of dragons Like other gemstone dragons, emerald dragons eat only minerals, and need a very specific combination of minerals to survive. Lifestyle Behavior and Personality. Emerald dragons are friendly, happy dragons. Social Order. TBA Relationship to Wizards. TBA Breeding. Emerald dragons can be bred by breeding a crystal dragon to a lichen dragon. Habitat

This dragon is limited dragon for. The 4th of July How to breed Crome and scorch mud and blazing fire and air THIS DRAGON IS NOW EXPIRED. IT CAN ONLY BE BRED USING A Firework Dragon AND A Firework Dragon DragonVale's Jet Dragon is a special dragon from the Gemstone series that becomes available for three months between November and March. After it becomes available, the Jet Dragon can be created by breeding an Ash Dragon with a Frostfire Dragon DragonVale is a park simulator video game developed by Backflip Studios and released on September 14, 2011 for iOS and on November 9, 2012 for Android.DragonVale was acquired by publisher DECA Games in March 2020 following the closure of Backflip Studios. DragonVale is also a breed-and-nurture game that was one of the first commercial free-to-play mobile games with a significant female audience StandardStandard - EnchantedEnchanted AdultAdult - JuvenileJuvenile - BabyBaby - EggEgg - PedestalPedestal Buy 325 Sell 1,650 42 Pedestal 97 Breeding Time25% Boost45% Boost60% Boost 8:30 (8h 30m)6:22 (6h 22m)4:40 (4h 40m)3:24 (3h 24m) Element Habitats Parents Offspring Traits Limited PERMANENT Rarity Status Game Description Surface explorers found the Wooly Dragon embedded in a gigantic chunk.

Dragonvale World, breeding new Dragons, sharing cool tips and growing my park. Please Subscribe: Please leave a Like. It would be a BIG help! Thanks!Let me know what you would like to see for upcoming videos in the comments.You can add me for gem sharing. I'll try to send gems back when I can!Game Center - gdavis335Friend me on Faceboo Mastering Dragonvale: A complete guide on tips, strategies & breeding the rarest dragons (Master Anything Guides) - Kindle edition by Books, Rico, Guide, Dragonvale. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Mastering Dragonvale: A complete guide on tips, strategies & breeding the rarest. The Eve Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the frozen, fire and water elements at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island. Enchanted Dragon Bonus The enchanted dragon bonus for the Eve Dragon is chance to earn bonus dragoncash from habitats Match, hatch, and show off your stash! Build and decorate beautiful floating islands in the sky to create your ultimate park. Your park, your dragons, your DragonVale! Harvest dragon treats, then feed your dragons so they can grow and achieve their Dragonly greatness. Enter your dragons in fun races, quests, and contests to win epic prizes Some more minor complaints. You can't categorize or make notes about your breeding queue (also, you can't tap on a dragon at the top of the breeding simulator to open it). Dragons with set availability (like gemstone) should have their month/time noted in the description of breeding info. Non-breedable dragons (such as evolvable ones.

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Some islands have distinct properties that make them more suitable for different purposes. Use the Epic Breeding Island to increase your chances of breeding a special dragon or get the Gemstone Island to house the rare Gemstone Dragon. Set up different habitats to provide a livable home for the various species StandardStandard - EnchantedEnchanted AdultAdult - JuvenileJuvenile - BabyBaby - EggEgg - PedestalPedestal Buy 1,500 Sell 1,000,000 ??? Pedestal 375 Breeding Time25% Boost45% Boost60% Boost 25:20 (25h 20m)19:00 (19h)13:56 (13h 56m)10:08 (10h 8m) Element Habitats Parents Offspring Traits Limited LIMITED Rarity Status Game Description The Masquerade Dragon is so named for its unusual beak, which. The Book of Dragons is an encyclopedia of all known dragon breeds, written by Nogard, to help future park keepers in creating a sustainable park. It is now standard practice to include a copy of the Book of Dragons in each new park owner's starter kit. It is enchanted with Cameramancy, so that every time Nogard edits the original book, every book is changed. 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H 9 I. WOW omg this is awesum! I got unlimited gems, treats, and cash for free without any jailbreak from http://goo.gl/FQ0e

Dragonvale Breeding Tips, Hints and Tricks. A set of Dragonvale Breeding tips that will get you on your way to breeding wild and crazy Dragonvale dragon combos in not time! by Stephen Johnston. Dragonvale from BackFlip Studios is a classic click barrage casual game. Since the core of Dragonvale is breeding dragons, let's focus on that A collection of DragonVale Cheat Codes, DragonVale Hints, Secrets, Unlockables, Glitches, Breed a real rainbow dragon, air dragon, sun and moon.. While playing Dragonvale and going through the large number of breeding combinations, I couldn't find a definitive source

It shows us the first gemstone dragon and the combinations that we need to do in order to achieve that. The Emerald Dragon is small but powerful and it magically generates gems. So without boring you any further, here is a how to guide covering Dragonvale Breeding Emerald Dragon (combo: Lichen and Crystal) Watch out for the Rainbow dragon through the game as it is very valuable when bred from four different elements. The Dragonvale wiki is an excellent source of information on almost all the breeding tips and combinations so far documented. There is only one kind of dragon in the game that can make you free gems which happens to be the Gemstone. The moon dragon is one of the many rare dragons, but it is fairly easy to get if you have the right dragons. Here is the best options to use: Ash + Snow Mountain + Quake Cold + Cactus Iceberg + Sonic The incubation time for the moon dragon is 48 hours. Description of the moon dragon from Dragonvale: The first mythical moon dragon was so enchanting that the first sun dragon created the world. StandardStandard - EnchantedEnchanted AdultAdult - JuvenileJuvenile - BabyBaby - EggEgg - PedestalPedestal Buy 150,000 Sell 2,500 7 Pedestal 25 Breeding Time25% Boost45% Boost60% Boost 6:00 (6h)4:30 (4h 30m)3:18 (3h 18m)2:24 (2h 24m) Element Habitats Parents Offspring Traits Limited PERMANENT Rarity Status Game Description The flower in the Fairy Dragon's tail smells so pleasant, other dragons. Wait 48 hours for breeding. The egg color will be a swirl of red, blue, purple and green. Breeding time can be hastened by spending gems. Put the egg into nursery and wait another 48 hours until it hatches. Place the seasonal dragon in a seasonal habitat

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Habitat. Welcome to the DragonVale help site, feel free to browse around and give me your feedback. Love Dragon is release, can be made with a Flower Dragon & Lightning, seems easy to make, all the family have one already. Panlong Dragon was released for the Chinese new year, Backflip tweeted that the dragon will be availible for this year only Jun 10, 2021 at 10:50pm. Calendar Events. 140. 140. QUARTZ. by jamesvaler. Mar 15, 2016 at 12:43pm. Hatchery - All Things Forum/Site Related. Community Chest, Ad-Free Contributions, The Dragon's Tale (eZine) and Housekeeping

Welcome To Dragonvale Breeding Guide. As a result we will get the best migical dragons. We build little Dragonvale hack tool and you can get unlimited gems,gold and treats. Breed a Flower Dragon with any dragon that has the air attribute. Also, the coins can be given to your friends, but don't ever tell them about this hack The Gem Dragon is a Legendary pet in Bubble Gum Simulator. It could have been obtained by opening aRoyalty Egg. The chance of hatching it was0.05% (1 in 2,000), or 0.1% (1 in 1,000) with the Lucky Chances gamepass

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  1. utes, while quickened breeding takes 24 hours and 41
  2. Download DragonVale app for Android. Welcome to DragonVale. Collect and breed rare dragons. Build the best park!. Virus Fre
  3. Dragonvale Breeding Simulator is a fully functioning Breeding utility app for DragonVale! A must have for all DragonVale players, this app allows you to test out breeding combinations and see what eggs they will produce. Rather than waste hours mating dragons in the breeding cave, simply input the dragons you would like to breed and this app.
  4. DragonVale [ Free] is something a little different, though. It's built from the ground up to compete in the crowded freemium marketplace that have you managing zoos, pet stores, restaurants or.
  5. ★ Impressive and unique art for each egg, baby, juvenile, adult, and elder dragon ★ DragonVale is accompanied by an original soundtrack written by our award-winning composer Legend holds that dragons are fierce, fire-breathing monsters - but DragonVale proves that these fantasy creatures are more than just breeding beasts
  6. Egg picture Baby picture Adolescent Adult picture Dragon name Availability Required Leve
  7. This is the fifteenth round of this Comp. It is about who can be the first to breed the October Gemstone Dragon Competition, whatever it ends up being.If there is an obviously limited dragon released (such as a holiday or seasonal), then there will be separate rounds of this comp for each one

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I've just written a guide about how to get Dragonvale Moon Dragon, and now I want to share to you Dragonvale Sun Dragon breeding guide. Please remember, breeding will get a random result. But, you can follow this guide to get a higher possibility to get a Sun Dragon because some people have tried this guide and succeed Takes Obsessive Dragon Breeding To The Next Level. Mike Fahey. 11/02/16 9:30AM. 30. 5. Several years ago I wrote about Dragonvale, a dragon breeding game that dominated my mobile gaming time for. DragonVale. 3,191,019 likes · 353 talking about this. Play DragonVale today for free. Breed & raise dragons. Build the ultimate park. Contact Customer Support at https://support.decagames.co

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In our DragonVale coverage, we focus a lot on Limited dragons - and Limiteds should always be your first priority. However, if you are chasing the Every Last One Achievement you are going to need to make your way around to breeding opposite hybrids It is said that the Rainbow dragon is the rarest dragon of them all, so consider it a big feat when you get one! Here are some of the best options to get a Rainbow: Firefly + Seaweed Blue Fire + Crystal Lava + Seaweed Evergreen + Firework Blazing + Iceberg Earth + Firefly Incubation time for the Rainbow is 48 hours. Description of the Rainbow dragon: Normal words cannot begin to describe the. Nightmare Dragon Dragonvale / DragonVale.I could play it for hours. Each dragon has a unique breeding time and can be bred by placing two dragons in the breeding cave or epic breeding island. 2,600 gems how to breed: This dragon also has wolf ears meaning its ears stick up

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