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The granny square pattern is one of the first patterns you learn, and how to finish a granny square blanket would have crossed your mind as well. To complete a granny square pattern, you have to stitch each stitch around the blanket. We've written four ways to finish a granny square and many more granny square-related concerns for clarification The single crochet stitch is actually one of the best options for a border for crochet granny squares. A single round of single crochet provides a nice finish to the square, especially if it's worked in a color that complements the colors in the granny square and allows the granny square design to really stand out Hi Everyone! Let's finish those granny square blankets with a nice simple border! If you're a beginner, than this is the tutorial for you!* Granny Square T..

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You will now have a Granny square with the final stitch finished off, but with the final round unjoined. 4: The next step is to thread your yarn end into your needle. With your threaded needle, look closely at the first Granny cluster of the final round - the one you would normally have joined back to Live. •. Any fan of the classic granny square will appreciate this invaluable approach to finishing off that last round! Kalurah shows you how to finish your granny square by creating mock-chain stitch that blends in with the outer edge to a nice and neat finished look. This trick also works well for other projects that are worked in the round Welcome back to the Blossom Crochet channel! In this week's tutorial I will be showing you how to crochet a perfectly seamless granny square, along with this..

In this video, we learn how to finish a crochet never ending granny square. There is a spiral effect happening in this, because there is no place that is stopping, it's going in a continual circle. To finish one of these, you will see that the corners should be perfect. But, you will need to choose one corner to finish it off at. Go across, then choose a side to stop at About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. How to Crochet a border for your Granny blankets and afghans! This super simple crochet edging gives a lovely finish for your granny edged blankets. Worked i.. It's no secret I love granny square blanket patterns. I want to create a new granny blankie this year (and finally finish this work in progress) so I have been drooling over granny square blanket patterns for months. Here's a whopping fifty (five-zero!) of the best granny square blanket patterns for your amusement and inspiration Hi Everyone,Many of you asked for a tutorial on how to add a border to your blankets. This is a tutorial on the 'Shell' or 'Scalloped' edge.Hope you enjoy. A..

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  1. Watch this instructional crochet video to finish off the basics of a granny square. Once mastered, this process moves fairly quickly. A granny square blanket is popular because this crochet method is both engaging and fast paced. Once you can crochet around a corner, many of your projects can take on a new decorative complexity
  2. From when I posted the video on how to crochet a circle, a lot of viewers have been asking for the circle blanket pattern. Although till now I didn't manage to finish one ( I started one and never finished, then forgot about it and started another one and realised I have 2 incomplete round blankets)
  3. How to add a simple shell border to a granny square baby blanket - Crochet Tutorial A pretty shell border is the perfect way to finish off a crochet project. You can use it to edge a blanket, a hat or even the cuff of a sleeve..
  4. There are lots of simple edgings that can be used on crochet blankets. I've collected some tutorials and links to finish crochet blankets. It's been a big week here with our Paper Plane Party and a school disco on top of the usual after-school routines. But each evening I've looked forward to sitting and working a little more on my rainbow crochet blanket

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To keep building on a single granny square to complete your blanket, work additional rounds to expand the first square. Keep crocheting rounds until the blanket is the desired size. [22] X Research source For example, if you want your granny square blanket to be 60 by 60 in (150 by 150 cm), then keep working square rounds until you achieve. I am finishing up my granny square scrapghan and am loving how it came out! I decided on a very simple crochet edging and of course want to share the pattern with you in case you want to try it too. If you haven't tried making your own scrapghan yet, check out my free granny square pattern here to get you started. Granny Square Afghan Crochet Edging Pattern The best part about this granny. Jun 13, 2021 - Explore Beverly Riggs's board finishing granny square afghan on Pinterest. See more ideas about granny square, crochet squares, granny square crochet

If you've been searching for the perfect crochet edging tutorial to add to your latest crocheted blanket, then this Classic Granny Blanket Crochet Edging is just what you need. It's made in three rounds two rounds of chain loops and followed by a final round of shell/scallops. This crochet edging is a lovely finishing touch that really completes the pattern and brings it all together. It can. You guys!! I'm so excited to share my finished granny square blanket with you. It's been such a fun project to complete. I am so happy to partner on this project with Lion Brand Yarn.. Me and Vanna go way back ;) It was a perfect match up!. I've talked about crocheting granny squares before, but I wanted to dive into changing colors for each layer and stitching squares together to form a. This crochet granny square blanket is great for beginners, uses 3 balls of Bernat Blanket yarn and finishes up at 41 inches square. Of course you can add more balls of yarn to make it larger if you like! I love making a blanket that looks dynamic without making it difficult

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Granny Square. Follow the universal stitch pattern as above, but increase to have a total of 16 rows, plus one outer row of 1 dc in each stitch and 1 dc in each space, plus 3 dc in each corner. I used Sweet and Sour Varg yarn in the beginning, for 11 rows, then switched to the Vanilla yarn for 5 rows and finished the last row with Raspberry. Continue to repeat step five around your granny square. With each subsequent round, you will have four corners but more chain one spaces along the sides. Stop when you run out of yarn or your granny square baby blanket is large enough for your liking. Cut your working yarn and weave in all of your loose ends with a large eye blunt needle This would work exceptionally well on baby blankets. Via Heidi Bears . Scalloped Edging. Scalloped Edging add a lovely touch to anything from blankets and headbands, to bags and beanies. Via Hopeful Honey . Granny Square Afghan Crochet Edging. The best part about this granny crochet edging is how simple it is and how perfectly it fits with your. I've collected some tutorials and links to finish crochet blankets. Jul 20, 2014 - There are lots of simple edgings that can be used on crochet blankets. Crochet Boarders Crochet Blanket Edging Crochet Edging Patterns Crochet Motifs Granny Square Crochet Pattern Crochet Squares Crochet Granny Crochet Stitches Granny Squares

It's true! My first granny square blanket is finished at last! Just over 2 months ago I shared the start of my first granny square project . Since then it's been growing at a fair pace considering all the interruptions I've had. When I ran out of wool I shared a quick update on how it was turning out and asked for suggestions for a border One of the best go-to crochet edgings is also one of the simplest: an easy single crochet edging worked all the way around the blanket. This ties together the design, gives a polished finish to the blanket, and looks great regardless of what other stitches are used in the main body of the crochet blanket

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Large granny square. Free granny square blanket, free crochet patterns, free knit patterns, genealogy, food storage, baby, preemies, humanitarian, LDS. Saved by S U. 964. Crochet Blanket Edging Crochet Hook Set Crochet Borders Granny Square Crochet Pattern Crochet Squares Crochet Crafts Crochet Yarn Crochet Stitches Crochet Projects Keeping a Granny Square straight A beginner friendly pattern By Kerry Jayne Designs Granny squares have been around forever but one of the things that can happen when making one is that they can twist. If you have ever made a continuous Granny square blanket, which is literally one big granny square, you may have discovered that the more rounds you add, the more twisted the granny square.

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It's true! My first granny square blanket is finished at last! Just over 2 months ago I shared the start of my first granny square project . Since then it's been growing at a fair pace considering all the interruptions I've had. When I ran out of wool I shared a quick update on how it was turning out and asked for suggestions for a border Buy the ad-free, print friendly granny square baby blanket pattern here in my Etsy Shop. You are welcome to sell finished items you make from this pattern. Want tips on how to price your Etsy items? Find my pricing formula here. Round 1: Using your first color, ch 3. 2 dc into the first ch, ch 1. *dc cluster into the same stitch, ch 1* 3 times. 2. Granny squares. You could work up a Granny Square blanket as Hazel has done in this photo. You could do 19 squares x 19 squares (a square for each of 361 days) then add a border four rows wide to make it 365! Love this! Or, instead of crocheting one Granny Square per day, how about one Granny Square per week Article Summary X. To crochet a Granny square, start by making a chain of 6 stitches, and then slip stitch into the first stitch of the chain to make a circle. Then, chain 3 and double crochet twice into the center of the ring. Next, chain 2 and double crochet 3 times into the center of the ring

Rainbow Granny Square Blanket With A Single Crochet Edge Inspired By A Blanket I Saw No Pattern Followe Crochet Edging Crochet Projects Granny Square Crochet 5 Reasons Why The Block Stitch Is The Best With Free Patterns How To Finish A Granny Square 8 Edging Option Lots of us start out in crochet by learning how to crochet a granny square - I certainly did! It was the first thing that my Mum taught me to crochet and my first attempt was wonky to say the least but it got me hooked and is the reason I'm where I am today (so thank you Mum!)

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  1. Granny Square Crochet Blanket Instructions. Start in the center of your project and work your way out. Chain 3. In the first chain that you worked, stitch three double crochets. Chain 1. Repeat steps 3-4 three more times in the same stitch. You should end up with four clusters of three double crochets
  2. Join me for this easy and fun crochet project to learn how to crochet a granny square blanket. This tutorial is suited for beginners as the blanket is simply one big granny square, made from a single cake of yarn. It measures 27″ by 27″ (69 cm by 69cm), although you could carry on with another cake of yarn and make the blanket even bigger
  3. Mixed Up Granny Square Instructions. Rnd 1: Using the color needed for solid portion of square, ch 5 and join to form ring. Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1, change color (see notes for working one-color square), [3 dc, ch 2]x2. Join to beg ch 3 with sl st. Turn. Rnd 2: Sl st into corner space
  4. Rainbow's are an ever popular symbol of hope in the worlds current climate, so I took inspiration from that and the amazing community (symbolised by the circle) to create this granny square. This stunning granny square is a beginner friendly pattern which will look amazing now matter what colours you choose
  5. The blanket was in a very sorry state with nine squares in total needing repair but I thought it could be fixed successfully - and I thought you guys might find it useful to know how to repair a granny square blanket too, just in case you are ever faced with a broken granny situation

The granny square is a classic crochet pattern and often the perfect basic pattern to start with when learning to crochet. Once mastered, you can stitch the squares together to form soft furnishings such as throws, cushion covers and even placemats Finished crochet baby blanket measures approx 100x100cm (39½ x 39½in) Abbreviations. If you're not familiar with any of the abbreviations used check out our full abbreviations and conversions guide. This granny square baby blanket pattern is written in UK terminology but you can easily convert it to US terms using the guide

Work a sc/dc seam along three granny squares on either of the short sides (leaving the middle 3 unworked for the armhole). You should have 14 granny squares along the top and bottom of the cardigan, 3 granny squares for each armhole and 6 granny squares seamed together each side to form the sleeves. Weave in all ends to finish Finish the fake chain. Go back to the last stitch that you made, on the first side. Put the thread through the back loop of that first stitch, from the facing side, and then pull it through. It should now look like a normal chain in the outside row, completely invisible. Weave in the remainder of the tail

Granny Square Pattern. Foundation chain: ch 4, ss in 4th ch from the hook. Round 1: Ch3 (counts as tr here and throughout), into ring work 2tr, ch3, *3tr, ch3; repeat from * twice more. Join with ss into top of ch-3 [12 tr, 4 ch-3] Round 2: Ch4 (counts as tr plus ch-1 here and throughout) skip 3 sts and work (3tr, ch3, 3tr) into ch-3 space from. A granny square is always a square motif that may come in any size, and it is gained by starting crocheting in the round then to finish it off with a square boundary line or to trim! What is impressive in the granny squares is that they can be combined to make excellent crochet stuff like the blankets, throws, afghans, and placemats I started by crocheting granny squares but got bored. Then did a few beannies for the kids a great success then my wonderful wool shop owner , emily, at ewe knit 20 suggested that I made a throw out of my granny squares brilliant idea and now today I am 99 hexigons later just finishing of all the edges The crochet shell stitch also works great when added to the top and bottom of a project; scarves and blankets become more unique when finished off in this manner. Or, of course, you could work this single row edging all the way around the entire border of a project. How to Crochet a Flower Granny Square. Beautiful Free Crochet Pattern Using.

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Make a whole bunch and you can use them for anything from granny square blankets, to hot water bottles, to wall art. This stunning bag is designed by the late Wink and features a ton of gorgeously colourful solid granny squares. The pattern is still available on her blog, A Creative Being There are so. many. ways. to join crochet squares and afghan blocks! And I know that lots of you have been eagerly awaiting this list - the Moogly Afghan CAL for this year is winding down, and it's time to start thinking about how we're going to attach all of these blocks together to make one big blankie. So let's get started! I've linked to photo and/or video tutorials for each of 12 14. You can attach more squares to your original two squares using this same method around the other edges. Expand the blanket, scarf, or other project outward by adding one square at a time. Finish the piece with a border or by weaving the end/tail of the yarn back into the final seam to hide it. This will keep the yarn secure Now that you have mastered making the perfect granny square you probably want to learn How to Assemble Your Granny Squares. This video tutorial is the perfect way for you to learn not one but three ways you can assemble your granny squares. Whether you are working on a granny square blanket pattern or are incorporating them into a different design, this video can show you every different way. Crochet this granny square blanket pattern, this is such a fun and vibrant baby blanket to make! FINISHED SIZE. 30 x 30 inches approx. YARN. Stylecraft Special Chunky. HOOK. 5.5mm US I/9. TYPE OF INSTRUCTIONS. This pattern has simple, easy to follow written instructions and does not include any charts

Crochet V-Stitch and Picot Baby Blanket Edging. Amy Solovay. This frilly edging was designed to finish off the lacy v-stitch baby blanket. You could use it on any baby blanket that needs a pretty lace edging. You can finish a striped blanket as in the original project with a coordinating lacy edge. 02 of 07 Crochet round 5 of the granny square. Since there is no change in yarn color, place the white yarn end on top of the round 4 and crochet to hide it in the stitches. As you can see that there is only 1 yarn-end after you have finished the granny square. Pic 3 is the back of the square. Pull the diagonal corners of the square to make them squarish Each Granny Square is made up of a single colour. The pattern requires double knit yarn in seven different colours, but can easily be adapted if you prefer to use more or less colours. The finished item is approximately 107cm by 107cm, but the pattern can be easily adapted to bigger or smaller if desired

This is a pattern for a two-color granny square baby blanket, made with worsted weight (category 4, aran) yarn and size F (3.75 mm) crochet hook. The finished blanket measures approximately 30 by 30 inches. About 650 yard of color A and 420 yards of color B yarn is needed for this size. I used 100% polyester yarn, but 100% acrylic yarn will. This project comprises of granny squares joined together. Each granny square with six rounds. My squares measure 14.5cm x 14.5cm after the six rounds. Size of finished blanket. My finished blanket measured 106 cm x 89 cm. Summary of project. This project is to make a blanket approximately sized 106cm x 89 cm How to add a simple shell border to a granny square baby blanket - Crochet Tutorial A pretty shell border is the perfect way to finish off a crochet project. You can use it to edge a blanket, a hat or even the cuff of a sl.. A warning. This isn't an exact pattern. Depending on the size of your granny square will change the count for the edging and really that is all this blanket is a traditional granny square with a fancy edging. The hat is a bit more exact. The hat fits a 0-3 month baby. Red Heart with Love yarn (I used gray and bubblegum pink) H size hoo A border will add the finishing touch to a blanket, it will neaten a uneven edge, square everything up and give substance to your blanket. Your choice of crochet edge can make or break your blanket. Leaving an edge unfinished is fine, but if you really want your project to stand out, choosing an appropriate edging can really give it 'the edge' !! ;-) There are many decorative border designs.

For my Cow Potholder, I worked up a crochet picot border that could work well for multiples of 5. Row 1. Sc all around. Row 2. (Sc 2, [sc 1, picot 1, sc 1] all in the same st) all around. 5. Slip Stitch and Drop Stitch Border. Even simpler than the single crochet border, you can finish up your project with this easy slip stitch/drop stitch border The Granny Square Blanket Co. Beautiful star baby blanket finished for a lovely customer today. The colours are pale rose, Parma violet and silver with the outer finishing rows in cream Edging for a Giant Granny by Kimberly Pye, on Kimberblog: A great looking border for any granny blanket! Simple Crocheted Bobble Edging Tutorial by Heidi Bears: Adds a lot of pop - and a great way to finish off the Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket! Cathedral Edging by Leonie Morgan, on Ravelry:. thepurpleponcho.com - The Granny Square Blanket is a classic crochet heirloom made using scrap yarn. Enjoy this beginner and basic method of making the squares using Granny Square Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern - The Purple Poncho - Flipboar In my previous pattern and tutorial of the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket, I have done some web searches to find ways to join granny squares.There are so many methods and styles, and I am glad to find one to use for my blanket. Besides some of those basic methods I have been using, I have also encountered some interesting fancy joining methods that I haven't come across

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Each square is a gift box crocheted in Christmas-themed colors! Although I love the thought of this blanket being done for a birthday in a variety of fun colors. Bernat Super Value has 56 shade so there is so much you could do with one pattern! Finished size of this blanket is a little over 30×30 inches but you could add more granny squares to. The circle to square granny square blanket is a modern take on the classic granny square blanket! This pattern is a must try! Purchase the complete ad-free printable Circle to Square Granny Square Blanket pattern PDF here. This post contains affiliate links. For more information please see my disclosures page

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Granny square blanket pattern Yes, you probably know how to make a granny square so a giant granny square blanket might seem like a no-brainer. However, as someone who'd only done two or three round granny squares before, as I added more rounds the square started to twist and turn out of shape As promised, here is part two of my Summer Granny Square project, where I show you how to make a baby blanket using the granny square posted in a previous post. this is the perfect gift for a baby born in the coming fall and winter. I hope you have fun making it, Happy crocheting Finally finished this guy after months of procrastination . This is my first attempt at making a sweater. I was wanting it to feel like fall. I'm very proud of it. I just wanted to share with you guys :) I made an eeveelution blanket for my sisters 22nd birthday, she was 24 when I finished Ferne Granny Square Blanket. Repeat rows 4-15 until blanket measures 30 inches approx finishing on row 6. Fasten off and weave in ends. Notes: If you would like your blanket bigger, carry on repeating row 4-15 finishing on row 6 but please note you will need more yarn to do this