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  3. SKU: AV-18VS Hy-Gain. Base Antenna Dropshipped from Hy-Gain HF 80,40,20,15,10 Meters Base Loaded Vertical Antenna. Max Power: 1500 Watt..
  4. HF Base Station Antennas. more HF Vertical Whip Antenna Codan 406. The CODAN 406 series Guyed Vertical Whip HF antennas are... more HF Traveling Wave Dipole Antenna Codan TWD215/315/525. The HF Traveling Wave Dipole Antenna is efficient for short..

HF Base Station Antennas. HF Vertical Whip Antenna Codan 406; HF Traveling Wave Dipole Antenna Codan TWD215/315/525; HF Delta Loop Antenna D230/330; HF Semi-Delta Antenna Codan SD214; HF Multi-Wire Broadband Dipole Antenna Codan 463; HF Broadband Multi-wire Dipole Antennas BBA-120, BBA-120E This item: Harvest Out 250B (3.5-57 MHZ) HF/6M Base Station Radio Antenna. $229.00. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by DNJ Radio. $18.50 shipping. Lightning ARRESTOR for CB or Ham Base Antennas - Workman A28 Harvest Out 250B (3.5-57 MHZ) HF/6M base station radio antenna. Harvest Out 250B (3.5-57 MHZ) HF/6M base station radio antenna. 2 new from $229.00 . as of July 28, 2021 1:35 pm . Check Latest Price. 40-6LPOCFD Off Center Fed Antenna for 40, 20, 10 and 6 Meters HFV-5. 40m/20m/15m/10m/6m. Trapped Dipole. 150W/200W SSB. 13.1'. 4.3. Diamond ® Antennas are sold through authorized dealers. Contact one of your local Diamond ® Dealers for current price & availability

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Manufacturer Tram Product Description Mobile to Base Station Adapter Kit Product Narrative Converts mobile antenna to a base station. Use with NMO style HF, VHF and UHF antennas Includes bracket, clamps, radials and mounting bracket Frequency Range 0 - 512MHz. Radio is radio, right? A typical home VHF station includes a power supply, a mobile or base transceiver, a power meter, and maybe an antenna switch. Is so much different at HF? The equipment might not be, but the signals and techniques are definitely different. The antennas are definitely bigger since HF signal wavelengths can be 50% to 1,000%. Harvest Out 250B (3.5-57 MHZ) HF/6M Base Station Radio Antenna. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 15. $229.00. $229. . 00. $18.50 shipping. Only 2 left in stock - order soon

HF Vertical Antennas and Packages. A vertical HF antenna offers many advantages—an omnidirectional signal collector and easy to install radiator are two of the biggest. HF verticals are versatile, and can deliver both multiband and monoband performance. When used in a multi-vertical array, verticals can even provide low-band directivity WEATHER RADIOS & STATIONS; FLASHLIGHTS & BATTERIES; GADGETS & TOYS. NIFTY GADGETS; TOYS; GIFT IDEAS. GIFT CARDS; Antenna Systems; Antennas; Base / Fixed Location Antennas; Vertical Antennas; HF Vertical Antennas; HF Vertical Antennas. View as Grid List. Items 1-12 of 30. Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3 LOW POWER FM STATION ANTENNAS; M2 ANTENNA SYSTEMS. 2 Meter Loop; UHF Yagi Base Antenna; VHF Yagi Base Antennas; MFJ PRODUCTS. Antenna Analyzers-Cases; Automatic Antenna Tuners & Cable; Coax Switches; DC Power Strips; Dummy Loads; Duplexers - Triplexers; Field Strength Meter; Foot Switch; Hamstick Rotatable Dipole Kits & HF Base Station Antennas.

Not that Scorpion isn't good product , but it is more of a mobile multi-band HF antenna . If a home base allows for bigger , bigger is better , then higher - just like length of dipole is figured by fraction of wavelength , the hight above ground is half wave-length of the lowest band , gets problematic as the band gets lower , 160m = 525 ft. The Comet CHA-250B is a newly designed broadband vertical requiring NO GROUND RADIALS. This antenna is EXTREMELY easy to assemble, requires no tuning or adjustments and VSWR is under 1.6:1 continuously from 3.5MHz - 57MHz! It is not a 1/4 wave vertical, but an end-fed long wire type antenna with a matching transformer in a vertical position

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My antenna's name probably reflects the fact that its design is derived from a military model. (More on this antenna below). But, first, to better appreciate the characteristics of this portable antenna, I believe it is important to first review the characteristics of its bigger cousin: the base station HF vertical. Home-Base HF Vertical Antenna PRC-2092 HF Tactical Base Rated 0 out of 5 The Barrett PRC-2092 HF tactical base package, like the PRC-2091 mobile package, provides a convenient docking station and power amplification to 125W PEP as well as the flexibility of dismounted communications when the PRC- 2090 is removed from the docking station (additional accessories may be required)

Hustler also manufacturers top-quality base VHF/UHF and mobile HF and VHF/UHF antennas—all available from DX Engineering. Plus, we've got a full line of accessories for Hustler antennas, including bases, radial plates, radial wire kits, and add-on kits to give you additional frequency band coverage! Shop DX Engineering—the home of Hustler Broadband Fixed Base Station Dipole & Loop HF Antenna Systems, such as the SWC100 & BBA100C. These systems require no transceiver interfacing other than a coaxial lead. Our Latest generation of Broadband HF T2FD/T3FD/TWD Travelling Wave Dipole/Delta Loop HF Designs are compatibible with most digital and analogue transmission modes

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Base Station Antennas. CommScope designs and manufactures a wide variety of innovative, quality base station antennas for your wireless outdoor network. From multibeam, multiport and ultra-wideband antennas to small cell and omni antennas, we offer an array of sizes and configurations to help boost your network capacity and coverage Bushcomm HF Antenna Systems Australia. Manufacture & Worldwide Sales of Commercial & Military grade base station, portable & mobile aerials. Specializing in Broadband HF/VHF Antennas & Masts/Tower

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Hustler 5BTV 5-Band HF Vertical Antenna . 5 Band Vertical HF Fixed Station 10, 15, 20, 40, and 75 or 80 Meters. Full band coverage on 10-40 meters (1.6:1 at band edges typical). Solid one inch fiberglass trap forms for optimum mechanical stability. Heavy gauge aluminum with stainless steel hardware construction throughout. Feed with any length. It is easy to build, construct and erect a dipole antenna for the HF bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 metres, etc using a few simple components at a minimal cost and get great results. Dipoles are one of the simplest antennas to build or construct and erect for the HF amateur radio bands, and on top of this they can be very effective. Dipoles are. Dual-band VHF/UHF fiberglass antenna for base station operation. Wide frequency coverage of 145-162 MHz & 445-469 MHz (SWR 2:1 or less). Simple installation with a 60 inch single section fiberglass design, UHF antenna connector and all stainless steel mounting hardware included HF Base antennas - HF-VHF-UHF Base station antennas. We sell all types of base station antennas for ham radio, if you are looking for quality hf-vhf-uhf base station antennas at a great price then look no further, we stock vertical antennas, Yagi beams antennas, wire antennas, and more, from all the top antenna manufacturers, includes cushcraft. Manufacturers of High Quality Amateur Radio / Ham Radio HF Yagi, Transmitting and Receiving Antennas. New Home of the Force 12 Antennas. The next generation in Design and manufacturing. We have assembled the best team, suppliers and parts manufacturing to provide our clients with HF antennas that will be considered a work of art. Listen to the big signals that come from stations using our.


HF Base Antennas. The best HF Base Antennas for Effective and Easy Installation that transmit and receive on high frequencies with operating ranges from 1.8 through 54 MHz from Alpha Antenna. OCF Off Center Fed Dipole Guanella wire antenna 6-40 or 10-80 meters $ 199.00 We specialize in HF broadband folded dipole antennas for conventional, NVIS, and ALE use, both base and camouflaged tactical. We also manufacture camouflaged FRP fiberglass masts and mounting kits, as well as the Miniductor ™ and Airdux ™ air wound inductor lines

The 3048 Tuned Dipole is a HF antenna solution designed for base station use. View product Portable Antennas. 411 Tactical Broadband Antenna. Codan's Tactical 411 Broadband Antenna is a rapid deploy, portable antenna suitable for NVIS and medium distance HF communications 2M & 440 MHz loop 10-80 Meter, 100W magnetic loop antenna (100W 10-40M, 20W 40-80M) MagLoop with Tripod. $ 599.00. Magnetic Loop MagLoop Antennas, Portable HF Antennas. Add to cart M2 - 2M - 3SS, 2 Meter (144-148 MHz) Ham Radio Yagi Antenna, 3 ele. MSRP: Was: Now: $149.99. Add to Cart. 10 pack HIGH GAIN GMRS BASE STATION ANTENNA. LARSEN BSA-450KT. MSRP range of HF transceivers and ensure the success of your base station. We manufacture our antennas to exacting standards using high quality stainless steel and glass reinforced composites. Our base station antennas are lightweight and corrosion resistant, but are able to withstand wind speeds in excess of 200 km/h. The full range of wir Scorpion Antennas™ are designed for amateurs that demand outstanding performance. Our antennas work great in Mobile, Home and Portable settings. We build an ideal base station antenna for the amateur living with antenna restrictions. Don't let H.O.A. restrictions keep you off the air

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  1. IC-7300. HF plus 50 MHz RF Direct Sampling 100 Watt Transceiver with Touchscreen. Originally: $1,299.95. -NOW ON SALE!-. $1,099.95 Buy. *$999.95 After Rebate
  2. Responders, Emergency Preparedness, Shortwave Listening (SWL), and attic antenna installation. It's a true base station or portable stealth antenna. The antenna is 75' long and covers 3.5 MHz to 30.0 MHz (80 - 10 meter ham bands). The Zepp is composed of a 25 foot matching section and a 50 foot radiator section. The CHA ZEPP doe
  3. Whip, wire, base station and portable systems including broadband capable systems and accessories for defence commercial and recreational applications. Product List: 9MP: Portable Mast/HF Antennas System 9pt5M: Temporay HF Base Station antenna system 12S/D: Marine HF antenna for small vessels 12SR: Marine HF antenna for vessels for non permanent mounting is required 12W: Marine HF
  4. distant receiving station, a transmitting antenna at 120 feet will provide the effect of In engineering terms this range of frequencies is defined as the high-frequency or HF portion of the radio spectrum. HF radio communications between two points that are The base of the triangle is the surface of the Earth between two distant points.

Base station or mobile: Let's pretend for a moment that you have decided to operate only on 2 meters and/or the 440 ham bands from a base station (your home) for a start, like most new hams do HF antennas as a general rule do not function well inside, due to surrounding metals or conductive surfaces of all kinds within the home and hf. The Yaesu FT-2980R is priced surprisingly affordably for the kind of power it brings to the table, which makes it one of the top options for us. With 80 watts of power, you're sure to get a great performance from it as a base station. There are 221 memory channels, an alpha-numeric display that's easy to read, and it's easy to program with the right software and also supports CHIRP The Diamond X510HDM base station antenna is a masterfully built, high performance antenna you will be impressed by. 2m/70cm Operation 8.3/11.7 Gain 330 (2m) / 250 (70cm) Watts Find many options of HF, mobile, and base antennas at Walcott Radio. We carry leading brands such as Diamond, Wilson, Firestik and more.. SKU: 13B2 Cushcraft. Base Antenna 144~148 MHz. 13 Element Beam/Yagi Base Antenna. Boom Length: 15', Longest Element: 39.75', Power Rat.. The EMCOMM III Base antenna is comprised of a matching transformer and a 130 foot antenna wire on a line winder - making an effective HF base station antenna system for permanent installation as a primary or backup HF base station antenna. Specifications: Frequency: 10M - 80M; Power: 500W SSB or 250W C

The resonant frequency of this antenna is actually about 5.4 MHz. With an antenna tuner, however, you can use the antenna on all bands from 80m to 6m. This tuner can be located in your shack, but for the lowest loss, you will want to locate the tuner near the base of your antenna Base Station Antennas: Base stations are a great way to stay connected, especially during an emergency. Here, you will find a variety of base station antenna options to choose from: Indoor and/or Outdoor Base Station Antennas, Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas, VHF Base Station Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Discone Antennas, and More If you are new to ham radio, what are the best shortwave antennas to start out? Here are my top 3 favorite HF antennas that are simple, efficient and easy to..

Since 1985 Hustler Antennas have been manufactured and marketed by New-Tronics Antenna Corporation in Mineral Wells, Texas, on the western edge of the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. Many of the antenna models designed in Cleveland, especially the amateur radio models, are still in production today. Occupying over 55,000 square feet of factory. If your antenna is much shorter than ¼ wavelength, you'll need many, many radials to get reasonable efficiency. If it's longer, you can get by with fewer. A ½ wavelength base-fed vertical needs only a very modest ground, and a ground rod is adequate. The requirements for various other end-fed antennas depend on their length Vertical HF Antennas - Yagi 6m Beam Antenna - Wire Dipole Antennas : For mono, dual, and triband handheld radios Power/SWR Meters - Misc. Base Station Vertical - Base Station Yagi - Mobile - Terminal Equipment - Accessories : Installation/Assembly Instructions - Radiation Patterns - Warranty Info . Diamond ® Antennas are.

The DX Flagpole Antenna is an HOA + XYL approved, No Radials, stealth HF antenna system that offers you Real DX from 160-6M including WARC bands. The DX Vertical is our non-stealth OCF HF vertical dipole antenna.Choose an antenna, an antenna bundle (antenna + atu) or create your own in your cart. Designed as smarter, stronger, and more elegant multi-band antennas covering every frequency from. HF-SSB BASE STATION and MOBILE STATION ANTENNAS Dual Dipole Antenna Dual dipoles are the same as dipole antennas with the addition of a dual dipole conversion kit (TAA6030). This kit provides a second pair of ele-ments and insulators. The conversion kit may be added to any dipole at any time to add another fre-quency Quick View. ICOM IC-AH-710 HF 80 FT Long Folded Dipole HF 150 Watts 1.9-30 MHZ in Stock. $222.22. Compare. Add To Cart. Quick View. MFJ-1836H High Power 1500W HF Cob Web Antenna. $289.95. Compare

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The EMCOMM III Base antenna is comprised of a matching transformer and a 130 foot antenna wire on a line winder - making an effective HF base station antenna system for permanent installation as a primary or backup HF base station antenna. Specifications: Frequency: 10M - 80M. Power: 500W SSB or 250W C high performance wire antenna for HF base stations. Its low observable characteristics also make it a good choice for hams living in developments with homeowners associations, deed restrictions, or CCRs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions). It is also an outstanding shortwave listening (SWL) antenna Two-Radio Base Station. Another approach that many hams adopt is to build their home station around two radios: a 2m/70cm radio to cover local communications and a high frequency (HF) radio for the lower bands. The 2m/70cm radio is the same idea as the FM VHF/UHF Base Station mentioned previously. It is really handy to be able to leave this. Yaesu FT-450D HF/50MHz - Best Base Station For Ease of Use. ICOM 7300 - Best Ham Radio Transceiver For Quality. Icom IC-718 HF - Best Ham Base Station For Value Of Money. Yaesu FT-991A HF/50/140/430 MHz - All Mode HAM Radio Base Station. Kenwood TS-480HX HF/50 MHz - Best For Highest Power Output

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Base Station CB ANTENNAS. BY BRAND Firestik Wilson K40 Monkey Made President Procomm BY TYPE Fiberglass Magnetic Whip Base Station No Ground Plane Center Load / Trucker CB MOUNTS; CB ACCESSORIES. CB Coax Cabl The antenna is Currently Pre Tuned for 80meters Via an Antenna ANALYZER. Its Power Rating is 1KiloWatt, it can also be Adjusted in length. The Coil has been mounted in away that can be Easily removed and Serviced or replacement with other Amateur Loading Coils. Truly a Diversified and Modifiable Base Station Comet GP-15 Tri-Band VHF/UHF Base Vertical Antennas provide good gain figures on the 6-meter, 2-meter, and 70-centimeter bands in a compact 7.9 foot package. These superior-quality base station antennas feature a one-piece, heavy duty, UV-stabilized fiberglass radome for many years of reliable service Base Station Antennas. Sort By: Comet CA-712EFC | 460-470MHz Commercial Radio Base Repeater Antenna. $139.99. Comet GP-1 - Dual Band 146/446 MHz Ham Radio Base Repeater Antenna GP1. $84.99. Add to Cart. Comet GP-9 - Dual Band 146/446 MHz Ham Radio Base Repeater Antenna GP9. $199.99.

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Diamond Antenna Base station and repeater antennas, mobile antennas, ,multi-band HF antennas , handheld transceivers, receiving and scanner antennas, power meters, swr meters, power supplies, coaxial switches Force 12 Force 12 HF and VHF antennas, aluminim towers and masts for ham radio Antennas & Mor Antenna masts CS-ST-5, ST-8, ST-10 and ST-12 represent the family of light antenna masts, composed of tubular sections with joints, made of polyester - glass composite material (fiberglass). The mast stands on the tilting base fixed on a ground with iron pegs, comprising terminals for the possibility of connecting radial ground wires. The mast is [

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The 912 Broadband Base Station Antenna is designed for maximum communications ability. 915 Single Wire Dipole Antenna. Probably our most efficient offering for use in HF base stations, these antennas are: • Simple to install; • Have a relatively low bandwidth, so operate better in areas with low connection rates; and • Require minimal. Most amateurs wouldn't think about installing a base-station dipole antenna with the elements parallel to one another (spaced 6 to 8 inches apart), with the feed point a few inches off the ground. Yet, that is essentially what they're doing when they mount an HF mobile antenna on the back of a van or SUV utilizing a trailer hitch type mount Alibaba.com offers 1,062 hf base antenna products. A wide variety of hf base antenna options are available to you, such as certification, type 450-460, 7dB, Laird Fiberglass Base Antenna. Gold Fiberglass Base Station antennas are collinear designs enclosed in a high density fiberglass, which is covered with a protective ultraviolet inhibiting coating. Product Code: 20-541570. Our Price: $325.95. 156-162, 3dB, Laird Fiberglass Base Antenna The Envoy base station solution consists of an Envoy radio (RFU), desk console, 3020 power supply, 411 Terminated Folded Dipole broadband antenna and cables. The Envoy is the only HF base system with a purpose-built smart desktop console that provides maximum operational flexibility and full remote control capability of all HF radios on your.

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Posted: 5/10/2021 9:07:13 AM EDT. Highly recommend the IC-7300 for your base station HF radio. A dipole in those trees would work. Not perfect, but good enough. Not sure where the house is located but this might be a good situation to use an end fed antenna so that your coax run is as short as possible Shopping-Angebote zu station antenna vergleichen & den besten Preis finden HAR-ANTE-250B. In Stock. Ex Tax: $199.00. Qty. Description. Reviews (0) Multiband Amateur HF Base Station Antenna. Band: 6m-10m-12m-15m-17m-20m-30m-40m-75m-80m. TX: 3.5-57 mHz

11 Best Ham Radio Base Stations: Reviews. 1. ICOM 7300 - Top Ham Base Station Transceiver. 2. Yaesu Original FT-450D - Beginner-friendly Base Station. 3. ICOM 2300H - Sturdy and Robust Amateur Base Station. 4. Kenwood TM-281A - Customer's Choice Single band antenna when fed by coax •Remote tuner at the base is best . Lots of other Verticals S9v JR, only 18 ft and $50 Requires radials Coax to station 40 mtr pair . Hamstick dipoles . Isotron 80 & 40 mtr models are very narrow band 20 mtr works well Omni range of HF transceivers and ensure the success of your base station. We manufacture our antennas to exacting standards using high quality stainless steel and glass reinforced composites. Our base station antennas are lightweight and corrosion resistant, but are able to withstand wind speeds in excess of 200 km/h. The full range of wir Apartment HF Base Station with Mobile Antenna (FT-857d + ATAS-120a) Grounding Issues. Hi all, I just purchased a new rig over the weekend and am attempting to get my station up and running in a high rise apartment building. I plan to use this station to attempt some QRP CW contacts on 40m in the future, but for the moment I am just trying to. 440MHz Base station antenna. Transmit range: 440-450MHz. SWR: 1.5:1 or less Gain: 9dBi Max power: 200 watts Length: 10 ft 5 inches Weight: 2 lb 13oz Connector: N-female Construction: Two piece white fiberglass Max wind speed: 112MP

HF Kits offers you DIY kits and spare parts for ham radio amateurs. You will find here antenna, Balun, traps, endfed or transformer DIY kits and parts Maco's unmatched quality, long history of excellence, and unbeatable customer service. has made us one the largest names in base station antennas. Visit our official parts site for Maco® parts and much more! www.antennapartsoutlet.com. Maco Antennas - a Division of Charles Electronics, LLC. 302 S. East St. Mt. Carroll, IL 61053 DBJ-220 - Base station antenna (220-225MHz) Maximum input power 75 watts $30 DBJ - UHF (perfect for GMRS) +5dB Gain Antenna - US patent 8,947,313 +5dB gain no radial collinear - featured in CQ magazine (Summer 2012) $45 Accessories - please email or call so we know exactly the adapter you need

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The Global ALE High Frequency Network (HFN) is a system of ALE base stations with internet connectivity. Each HFN Pilot Station is rapidly scanning the ALE Primary DATA Channels of the ham bands 3.5MHz to 28MHz every 10 seconds, monitoring for calls, and sounding with station identification callsigns approximately once per hour. Ham radio ALE operators anywhere within the coverage area, may. Antenna System. Realistically, you want the best antenna system you can get. But every antenna is a compromise. You may dream of a stacked yagi beam system on a 100 foot tower, then realize you have a 1/5 acre lot. Not going to work. For some, the best antenna they can use is one of the MFJ apartment antennas. It is a whi Type: Amateur HF Base Station Antenna Frequency: HF, 3.5/7/14/21/28MHz (80m/40m/20m/15m/10m) Max power: 1.2KW(PEP) Impedance: 50 ohms, Connector: M- Fixed Station HF - Antenna Systems. Portable rapid deploy antennas. In addition to the portable antennas described here, we can supply other custom portable antenna systems to suit specific customer requirements. For portable and temporary base station operation at up to 125W PEP, without an automatic tuner, Barrett 500/900/2000 series. Tactical, Broad-band Antenna is a portable, HF broad-band antenna designed specifically for mobile and portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation is essential. It can also be installed as a semi-permanent base station antenna. The antenna will operate at all frequencies in the 2-30 MHz band without any.

Antennas: Although pretty damn expensive, we had a lot of success paring this radio with the Yaesu ATAS-120A auto-tune Yaesu mobile antenna. The ATAS-120A is designed specifically for use with Yaesu radios and uses a motorized tuning system which resonates the radiating element to obtain the lowest SWR without the need for using a monoband whip Bestseller No. 3. GRA-2012T UHF / 3/8 x 24 Multiband Antenna HF VHF (80m-2m) Vertical 3.5-145MHz Airband Portable Telescopic for Two Way Radio GABIL. These measurements are with mounting and magnetic base in a ground plane. They may vary slightly depending on the position of the base, or mounting with another stand Simple CB Base Station Antenna: This is a simple base station CB antenna You can make in 30 minutes out of a bit of PVC pipe and fittings, some wire and a SO239 coax connector and a piece of coax to connect it to your radio. You should have a 1.5 SWR on this. You should be able t Type: Amateur HF Base Station Antenna Frequency: HF, 3.5/7/14/21/28MHz (80m/40m/20m/15m/10m) Max power: 1.2KW(PEP) Impedance: 50 ohms, Connector: M-J Length: 62 ft / 19.2 m Weight: 5.3 lbs/ 2.4k Firestik Antenna Company • 2614 E Adams St • Phoenix, Arizona 85034-1495 Tel: 602•273•7151 Fax: 602•273•1836 Contact Us by E-Mail For Business Hours & Schedule - Click Her

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The Yaesu FT-450 is one of the radios that made the top of our budget-friendly HF Radio list. The latest model, the Yaesu FT-450D is a simple to use an entry-level rig that makes a great base station for emergency communications operating frequency, are the most efficient antennas for use in HF base stations. They are simple to install and have a relatively narrow bandwidth and requires only minimal maintenance. When several frequencies are required at a base station, several dipoles can be stacked one above the other betwee Codan Envoy X1 Base Station basic (100 channels/200 contacts) Component of Kit (s): -HF transceiver 2210. -Handset 2220. -Desk Console 2230. -Power Supply 3020 (110 to 220-240VAC, automatic switching) -Antenna Multiwire Broadband C463. -Antenna cable 30 meter HF Base Antennas LAMCO Barnsley 5 Doncaster Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire UK Call 01226 361700 My favourite HAM store in the world icom kenwood yaes